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Thread: march today?

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    march today?

    I thought there was going to be a march today about some silliness. I have been to 8 different news sources and see absolutely nothing about it. I heard it was going to be nation wide What happened?
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    Maybe they figured out it is July not march.

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    CNN report said "hundreds" showed up for the 17 mile march. Maybe the organizers should set their sights a little lower, like 2 miles? After all the hold over for a target 17 miles away is pretty rough and the target is pretty hazy.

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    Probably too hot outside, some people only come out after dark.
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    BLM is having a march downtown.

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    No cute "No NRA" hat designs (remember the pink veejay hats)?

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    Here you go..........Group ATTENTION! Left Face, forward MARCH!

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    Quote Originally Posted by STEEL CORE View Post
    Here you go..........Group ATTENTION! Left Face, forward MARCH!
    I wouldn't expect much of a formation, more of a wandering blob.

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    A lot of those types of Marches are often mostly organized on facebook. You should try looking on facebook. I'm sure you'll not only find the march but, be able to read many comments that are lucid, factually based and full of all around reasonable folks.
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    I'm guessing that you're referring to the "Women's March" against the NRA. It's the one being headed up by a radical Islamist and a race-baiting BLM activist and a couple of other feminist nut balls.

    They falsely claim the NRA is racist and stirring up hatred because they put out the video with Dana Loesch.

    OPINION | The hypocrisy of the Women?s March on the NRA | TheHill

    Of course the organizers were flanked by armed guards while screeching about evil guns and the big bad NRA.

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