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Thread: Semi auto shockwave

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    Semi auto shockwave

    Remington is now offering one;

    MSRP $900+

    Black Aces will be offering their version for half;

    Black Aces Tactical

    this is just an FYI thread. Happy with my 20ga Mossberg Shockwave pump action.

    Wouldn't be surprised to see Mossberg offer a semi auto version based on the 930.
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    Yet another solution to a problem we do not have..... And I want one so freaking bad already!!!

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    But those Black Ace ones are looking pretty sweet. Not that pricey either considering.

    I wonder how much either of those are susceptible to "limp wristing" (if that term can apply to such guns). I noticed in the Black Aces demo video that on his second run through, he had a FTE on the last round.
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    Back in the 80's I was introduced to a Remington 1100 shorty. It was at the intersection of malfunction junction. Maybe the area has been subject to infrastructure improvements.

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    Black Aces offered one that was built from a regular shotgun which means it's an NFA item. I think it was a Remington though.

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    MAN, that looks fun! Can't really justify it over my 1187, though.

    But that doesn't mean that I don't still want one! LOL

    I swear, I need to open a combination used car lot/gun shop just so I can play with all my favorite toys! LOL
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    Well, I figured what the hell and got on the reservation list for the synthetic stocked Black Aces Tactical model. You have to call in to do so and the guy told me that they are down to their last 100 slots out of a 1000 (for this run at least, not sure if they plan to keep making these or if they just are doing one big batch).

    Supposed to build and ship in mid to late November. So, we'll see how it goes.
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    I am tempted, looks awesome. I have a Remington 1187 police model with Surefire light fore-end and Wilson Combat ghost ring sight, nice rig. Guess I'll hold off a while longer.
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    The wood stock version looks awesome, will have to look into it when funds are available.
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    Just checked website, shows out of stock. Hopefully they'll have a second run

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