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    Time to drain the NRA Swamp?

    So the NRA has been backing and negotiating with our gun rights for the last few years and have had some spectacular blunders that have ended up turning their move into strong anti 2a rulings or decision making. There are more states with California esque gun control laws on the books now more than any other time.

    So at what point can the membership take back control of our organization and what is the most effective way to enact our will? I have already written them explaining why I will not donate to them, with no response. I'll continue mailing the donation cards back to them empty with a letter expressing my issues with them. I have changed GOA into my monthly freedom tithe completely over the nra.

    So the real question is what do we do with the NRA? How do we turn fudd members into actual 2a supporters? How do we push them to stop funding "thin blue line" programs with our money donated with intent of stopping gun control, at a time when police are actively enforcing unconstitutional confiscations? how do we stop them from giving incorrect grades to politicians who actually support gun control measures?

    I don't want to abandon the NRA, but it seems like it has lost it's course and will soon be twisting the 2a to be about hunting and not a force check and balance against tyranny in the homeland. Will voting board members in that have a not another inch mentality do the job or do we need to push to remove the cancerous corporate heads?

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    Get rid of LaPierre, for one. Also, one thing I should mention is that Adam Kraut is running for the board and so on. Problem is that I have a VERY difficult time believing that he does not know he would still be powerless on the board. He knows very well that they have no power and ultimate say in the organization— yet he still runs on change. I don't trust him.

    That's my two cents.

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    Adam Kraut would be a fine addition to the board. It's going to take a whole new generation of new blood in the NRA to change the course of the ship. I wish him the best of luck and send my votes his way, but he's going to need help.

    I'm stopped supporting the NRA and I've been spending my $$ with the GOA.

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    I'm a lifetime member of the NRA (I have been for 23 years). But their kowtowing to any gun-grabbing politician with an R by their name is completely absurd. If you listen to the left, the NRA runs the Republican party, but more and more it seems like the Republicans run the NRA... which means that rather than being a single issue civil rights group, which is what it is supposed to be, it's another arm of the super corrupt GOP. I've seen the NRA refuse to support pro-gun 3rd party candidates and independents, even when there is no Republican in the race, against an F rated Democrat. What the hell message are they sending there? That it actually doesn't matter what your position on guns is, it only matters what the letter after your name is. That is how we get right where we are, with a Republican President pushing for more unconstitutional gun control with the tacit approval of the NRA.

    I just became a monthly support member of the GOA because of their promise to sue if this stupid bump-stock ban moves forward.
    Minimum Government, Maximum Freedom.

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    GOA all the way. GOA all the way. GOA all the way. GOA all the way. GOA all the way. GOA all the way. GOA all the way. GOA all the way. GOA all the way. GOA all the way.
    Justin B. - "Make them watch Wonder Woman. They'll molon labe after that!"

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    NRA Life Member

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spear Dane View Post
    GOA all the way. GOA all the way. GOA all the way. GOA all the way. GOA all the way. GOA all the way. GOA all the way. GOA all the way. GOA all the way. GOA all the way.
    So what you're saying is, GOA all the way?

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    I was hoping with Ollie North as president things might change, guess not.

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    I am going to make a suggestion, which may not be popular but I'll stick my neck out anyway...

    First, read about the history of the NRA, and especially the 1977 revolt at the NRA convention. I'll post some links with a variety of views.

    and finally from the Naval Postgraduate School what I believe is a less sensationalized version of history,

    The NRA was formed post Civil War with the recognition that there was a staggering lack of marksmanship displayed in our military. For the first century of the organization's existence there was not a serious threat to the 2nd Amendment. The threats and abuses which did occur were often accepted by society.

    The NRA as structured during its first 50 to 75 years functioned well and performed great service to the nation. The nation was however predominantly non-urban and the culture generally saw nothing ill in a juvenile carrying a firearm to school, or hunting on the way home. These were simply normal and accepted practices in much of the nation, and often a necessity.

    As the nation urbanized, and especially with as the unintended effects of prohibition came in to effect, the rise in violent urban crime and gang crime coupled with a growing rapid communications means supported a societal acceptance to "do something". Eventually "do something" became the NFA. The NRA did little as to the management and board structure such restrictions did little to effect their members.

    Leap forward 40 more years, and the intervening wars, political changes, and ultimately the GCA set the stage for a younger more politically active and determined membership to take action to save the 2nd Amendment from what enough members felt was an existential threat which was not being addressed by the existing leadership.

    As always, those in power want more power, and to retain power. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Much of what was accomplished at the 1977 convention has to some extent been lost.

    With new and old threats clearly focused not only on the 2nd Amendment but also the supporters of the 2nd Amendment some of the NRA membership believe a new "1977" needs to occur. Unfortunately, this requires enough Board members to change not only the full time power positions of the NRA, but also some of the business relationships.

    Much as with our Federal and State governments, if you want change, vote!

    I do urge members to remember however; that while preservation of the 2nd Amendment is necessary to retain the core purpose of NRA, it is not in and of itself the purpose for which the NRA was formed as, an organization that promoted rifle shooting on a scientific basis.

    While I laud the NRA for much of what they have historically done, there have been costly missteps. My greatest regret is that over the preceding two years of a more 2nd Amendment friendly Congress, firearms safety and marksmanship training was not tied to public school funding. The "fight" would end with a solid generation who were properly introduced to firearms and marksmanship. My simple method for enticing "the left" to participate was to urge my Congresscritters to amend the Selective Service act to require those who had not met a safety and marksmanship standard by the date of registration to be called first if the Draft was initiated. (I'll let the reader ponder how the snowflakes would react to that sort of choice...)

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    Sadly, you have to hunt around to find leadership, political, religious, or economic that's really interested in ordinary people having guns. Most of those you do find are in it for your support, but it's again not their main issue. We do the best we can with what we have.

    Where's the Kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth shattering Kaboom.

    Marvin the Martian

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