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    Just looking over the Palmetto State Armory email and this caught my attention:

    $ 179.99: on sale for $129 so I lost control.
    My retirement present to myself.
    And, my reward for not buying about 4 different guns and a couple of rifles I wanted in the past month.
    I still want a CZ 457 bolt action someday, but I'd like to shoot someone's first, but everything I've read says the are the best bang for the buck.
    Since I have a Ruger 10/22 semi-auto, instead of getting a Ruger bolt action, I'd like to hold out for the CZ, but I've nearly bought 2 different Ruger bolt action rifles but not having a scope coming with them is a deal breaker for me.

    MFR#: SF-RG-501
    When situations demand split-second target acquisition and maximum field of view, mount up the StrikeFire II and shootboth eyes open. Feature-rich, versatile and reliable, the StrikeFire II is a great choice for shooters who want a quality red dot sight, but dont want to break the bank. Features sleek rear-facing controls for power on/off and easy adjustment of ten dot intensity levelslowest two settings are night-vision compatible. Automatically returns to the last dot intensity used when powered up. The 30mm aluminum alloy chassis provides extra-high recoil rating and is waterproof and fogproof.

    Earlier today I bought Walker's Ultimate Power Muff Electronic Earmuffs
    Sale $54.99
    Regular Price: $109.99
    Save $55.00 (50%)

    Two Hi Gain Omni Directional Microphones
    9x Hearing Enhancement
    Power- 50 dB
    Adjustable Frequency Tuning- AFT
    2 independent volume controls
    Sound activated compression (SAC)
    Noise reducing rating, NRR 26dB
    Compact folding design
    Anti-Microbial Ear Pads
    Runs on (2) AAA batteries (included)

    I was told to get some electronic ear muffs some time ago (Rhino, I think), and I finally got around to it.
    I mostly shoot by myself, so it didn't matter so much, but I intend to get involved in some steel shooting whenever I can find the time, retirement has me too busy catching up on the work to the house since last summer was lost on surgery.
    Tomorrow is concrete patching and replacing some expansion joint.
    Well, maybe another day when not so hot.

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    You know you need an AR15 now... to put this on... right...

    Revere's Riders Instructor - Scored both Master Rifle KD, Master Pistol

    NRA Pistol instructor | NRA Rifle instructor | NRA RSO
    Classes and info here:

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    I still care....Really
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hop View Post
    You know you need an AR15 now... to put this on... right...
    AKA..Thor. Odin son. God of thunder.
    But you can call me John.....Force.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hop View Post
    You know you need an AR15 now... to put this on... right...
    Do you have any idea what you've just done?????
    I should ban you right now, but I'm not a mod......

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    I was going to ask what you were going to mount it on, but I guess it'll be one of the 15 different AR's you buy now...

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    Stay tuned as doddg enters “The Black Rifle Zone”
    Here Kitty, Kitty...

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    Doddg- since it's now used or pre-owned, I'll give you a premium $70 for it. Step out of your comfort zone and getchya one of them menacing black rifles lol

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    I'm not getting an AR.
    Not knowing anything about optics, it seems I should have asked for advice, even if it was a pm to someone, if I have ordered the wrong thing.
    I was using a red dot on a Smith Victory the other day, and it was shooting as well as the Ruger Mark 3 with the Volquartsen barrel with some other trigger and spring updates.

    I thought I should get a decent red dot for the Volquartsen barrel.

    I did buy a used Nikon pistol scope the other day since I discovered I liked scopes better than red dots b/c of the magnification and being able to see where the round hit, instead of having to get out the binoculars.

    I was thinking that this red dot would be suitable for steel shooting.

    Below are a couple of targets showing the SW Victory that I bought last Spring for possible steel shooting since it was set up for it and had been used for that purpose (member here), with 5 mags and red dot (maybe trigger work I've forgotten about also) and the Ruger/Volquartsen w/o a red dot.

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    Remember that a red dot, especially when used for shooting steel, is more for quick target acquisition than accuracy. You're shooting at 6" or larger steel targets normally, so transitioning between targets is more important than shooting tiny groups. IMO the cylinder style red dots aren't as good for this, but that may just be me.

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    That optic is better suited on a rifle because of the size of it. Also, the cantilever mount is tall and the ideal height for use on an AR type gun. I see 2 outcomes here, you either end up selling it or buying a rifle to use it on. Again, it's not ideal for a handgun. I wouldn't be surprised if someone out there uses one on a handgun and may have success with it, but I personally haven't seen that. IMO, there are much smaller optics better suited for handguns.

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