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    What’s a big gun collection?

    Curious to know what INGO thinks is a “big” gun collection. When the media says a guy has an arsenal with 5+ guns, what do people who know about guns think is a large collection???

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    If I think big firearm collection, I'm thinking over 100+ and that doesn't count wall hangers either

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    About 100 million Americans (30% of U.S. population) own about 400 million firearms. So the mean is about four firearms per owner.

    I would suggest that double the mean is what the populace at-large would find to a large collection. So my answer is eight.

    But you are asking on a site where all participants self-select on the basis of interest in firearms, so the mean here is likely to be quite a bit higher.
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    Let's see..... A collection is smaller than an arsenal. MSM tells us 5+ is an arsenal. So a collection must be 2+????
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    When you can’t answer how many you have without looking at your log or spreadsheet. Wherever you keep your list. That is when you know you have a “big” collection.

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    Some poor fellow at a soiree stated he had TWO guns! And was excited about it. I said "Really?!? Me too!". He said. "What kind?". And I replied. "What do you want?". The wife said "Shuddup,. axxhole..".... She wasn't wrong.
    To sort of make it up I did a little oohing and ahhing over his trade in G22..

    But yeah. I need a list to know for sure.
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    I have been told that I am just an accumulator, not a collector, because I just buy one of everything instead of obtaining all of the variations of a particular model.

    With that in mind:

    2+ of one particular model = Collection
    5+ = Arsenal
    One of everything = Accumulation
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    If they ask how many guns, say 'weapons'. If they say weapons, say 'firearms'. If they say firearms, say 'tool'. If they say tool, say 'art' and so on.

    So, I don't know what you all are talking about...
    I'd give my right arm to be ambidextrous...

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    I still care....Really
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    It depends on the source asking the question.

    MSM...….2 guns and over 100 rounds.

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