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    House Majority Whip and Aides Shot At A Ballgame.

    Just coming in. Reports saw they were at a baseball practice.
    Says Steve Salise was shot in a hip and an Aide shot in the chest.

    Virginia GOP baseball practice shooting: Multiple people shot | Fox News
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    A reporter on NBC said possibly a rifle used.

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    Today show says reports of 50-100 rounds fired between shooter and security forces.

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    Political violence always comes from the Left. Here are the Tweets (remember when the INGOtarians used to get all upset over me asking for social media conformation of their delusional conspiracy theories? Good times):
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    Eyewitness says shooter was down.

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    on Fox reported man asked Rep Don Desantis was there Rep or Dems on the field.....
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    Not clear if it was the shooter, but Ron DeSantis just said an odd guy asked him in the parking lot whether players were GOP or Democrats.
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    And Pelosi calls for stricter gun control laws in 3. . . 2. . . 1

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    Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) said he was leaving the practice when a man approached them and asked if Republicans or Democrats were on the field.
    He said the encounter was "very, very strange."
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    Today is reporting middle aged white guy using a semi auto rifle.

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