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    My favorite season!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shootin45super View Post
    Love my savage smokeless.
    2700 fps
    A true 300 yard muzzle loader
    No cleaning like with black powder rifles
    Had a knight in line which was a great shooter and killed many deer with.
    Have several side locks T/C hawkin and Renegade which works well also.
    What ever you choose,I would skip using pellets and use loose powder, FFF or paradox.
    The Encores are nice also.
    Go inline for sure with shotgun primer and shoot sabots.
    I don't believe Savage makes the smokeless anymore. A guy at work has 2. I checked into buying one but they were not listed anymore. And he wont sale me one.

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    I have shot a T/C Omega for about 15 years. I bought it when they 1st came out. bought it ay Galyans So its been a minute. That will tell you its It is a tack driver I have a Bushnell Elite 3200 4x12x40 on top.. 240 gr. XTP mag, 2 50gr triple 777 pellets.

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    it's probably too late to learn the necessary skills to shoot AND hunt with a muzzleloader this year. you really need to look at local gun shops to get a fell for the various types of guns. they range from rather heavy & long barreled to compact and light. you will find one then can prepare for next year enjoy the venison you already have and good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ndawoods25 View Post
    I don't believe Savage makes the smokeless anymore. A guy at work has 2. I checked into buying one but they were not listed anymore. And he wont sale me one.
    You are correct, Savage does not make them anymore. You can find one used on Gunbroker, but expect to pay $600 or more for one. I love my ML II but at that price, I think I would be a lot more likely to pony up an extra $250 for a CVA Paramount. The Paramount is not smokeless but that's the only downside I see it to it compared to the Savage. Of course, there is no need to invest that fully into your first muzzleloader.

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    One thing about bp guns in general, they depreciate like mad. So if you want to save a lot of money, buy used. Just inspect the barrel carefully for corrosion. Personally I use an older Thompson Center Renegade with a .54 Cal Green Mountain long range Hunter barrel on it. The original barrel was terribly corroded from the previous owner shooting and not cleaning.

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    I paid 315 for my pos new.
    Been offered twice that.
    And its over 20 yrs old.

    But TC only made 500 of em

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    Opening day I had a doe at 130 yards. Just caught a glimps of her. I got lucky and she hooked around behind me at my 7 o'clock. I had to wait for 30 minutes with my crosshairs on her. I got lucky and was able to rest my gun of the climbing strap on my stand. She was in real thing saplings and green briars. So my 30 minutes of patience paid off. Doe tagged, 130lbs. Biggest doe I have shot in about 10 years. My hunting partner also took a nice doe that day at 2pm she dressed at 116lbs. Beautiful Morgan county deer. Butchered today and now in the freezer. That's #4 for me for the season

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