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    I was going to buy a Ruger Wrangler... then this happened. HS Sentinel Deluxe

    I was planning to purchase a Ruger Wrangler sometime soon, but I went to an auction today and this came up for sale. I was there for something else, in fact, I hadn't even looked at this. However, the bidding was stuck at $100 and I thought, heck, that's only half of what the Ruger will cost me so I raised my hand. I ended up winning it for $130 plus tax, which was $139.10 out the door.

    Here is a link to a web site with a lot more information about them. According to it my gun must have been made in 1966 because that was the only year they produced this variation. (I was 3 years old in '66.) It looks absolutely brand new, I don't think it has ever been fired!

    No box or anything else, but I am tickled pink with it. The trigger is really smooth. The only weird thing is that it appears to be single action even though the trigger rotates the cylinder. It just doesn't cycle the hammer. Considering the condition and how smooth it all operates, I think it must have been designed that way.

    The web site says the frame is aluminum, but everything else is steel. You can tell the subtle difference between the bluing on the steel and the anodizing on the frame.

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    I think you'll be happier with this in the long run. Good eye!
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    Well isnít that cool!!

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    Pretty sure this is a double action. May want to field strip it and look for something needing attention, or take it to a gunsmith for a look. There are several videos out there. Regardless, nice revolver! I love my R102, shots great! Nice buy, I would have bid too!

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    I've had a Sentinel Camp Gun and now have Sentinel Deluxe. They are DA and excellent little shooters. Both of mine have dual (.22 LR & .22 mag) cylinders. You'll enjoy yours.

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    Thanks for the replies, good to know it is supposed to be DA. That will give me something to do.
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    Congrats, looks like a good pick up.

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    Nice find. Congrats!
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    I have the hs double nine. One of my favorites. You'll enjoy your new family member.

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    Nice score!

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