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Thread: Gun Bluing

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    Gun Bluing

    I got a winchester 1200 with a riot barrel that needs to be blued does anyone know a gun smith in indiana that can Blue this barrel?

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    Try this thread for a couple of options

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    im getting ready to blue this 16 ga. i got. bring it over and we will do it again. your helping this time. and we will get some better blue. told you i wasnt happy with it.

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    Check with the folks at Wayne Black Oxide ***Phone Number Hidden*** (See Rules for more info) They did both of my SVs and they both came out fantastic. They have an FFL and are experienced with firearms parts.

    Just make sure whatever prep work you need done is finished before you send it, like bead blasting, etc. If you don't/can't, check with Neil Keller at Kustom Ballistics and tell him Dave Pluimer sent you.

    Good luck!

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