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    Henry Survival Rifle

    Anyone own or used one?

    Would be curious to hear feedback regarding durability and accuracy.

    I know there are cheaper 22s out there, but this one caught my eye.

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    looks pretty cool

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    It's the only gun I have left since the boating accident!(Damned thing floats!) It's an interesting plinker, fair on accuracy, but still fun to shoot. Mine's not a Henry, but an older Survival Arms AR-7.

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    I just bought a black one at the last Indy 1500 gun show for around $170 NIB. I took it to the range with some off the shelf 22LR and had a terrible time with FTE about every other round, so I bought some 22mini-mag and it worked fine but while at the range, another shooter "JCJ" was kind enough to hand over a bunch of rounds he was using and found the Remington Golden Bullet hollow point worked great. I called Henry firearms and found that this is the round they suggest and they use it to test the rifles before leaving the factory. I think JCJ said he bought a value pack of 550 at Walmart in Plainfield for something like $14 or $15. I saw a 525 value pack at Cabelas for $19. I will continue to shoot only the Remington ammo but the rifle is a fun plinker. I bought it to throw in my backpack. Just make sure you check the tightness of the barrel collar after firing about 100 rounds or so as the heat will make it expand and it may get loose. Once that happens you will start to get FTF and FTE. That happened to me once and tightening it back up fixed the problem.

    P.S. My daughter says it is the gayest looking rifle she has ever seen so don't expect to impress the ladies with it. LOL

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    Thanks for the feedack, guys!

    I'm trying to decide on a 22 and thought this one looked handy. Went to Dick's SG tonight and saw good prices on several nice 22s, but can't make up my mind. I've read all the debates of 10/22 vs. Marlin 60 vs. Savage, etc. and don't want to rehash those.

    If I can hijack my own thread, what do you guys think about .22 vs. .17? I admit I'm totally ignorant about the subject of caliber & ballistics, but I'm wondering what the balance between caliber/size and effectiveness is?

    Any opinions or sources you could point me to are appreciated!

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    They always looked neat to me, but they feel really fat and extremely light. Very odd combo. I've seen an AR-7 with a wire frame and (i think) pistol grip and it looked like a fun shooter.
    Read. Think. Post.

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    I have the Henry. Got it about 2 months ago and its a wonderul BEGINERING's rifle to introduce someone to firearms. I have been using it to take my non-firearm friends and getting them to see/understand the world of firearms. It DOES float (tested it in the bathrtub)

    Several things to 'worry' about sort of.

    1) It REALLY likes the Remington 36Gr HP .22 LR

    You can get this at Wal-Mart for $13-15 or Cabellas (NWI) for $15 as well.
    Don't bother with other brands and the Henry for some reason just does not like them (misfeeds/jams/etc).

    2) Expect to shoot about 150-175 rounds max before the barrel and inside gets dirty and then you will begin to get misfires/jams. I have taken mine to the range and around the 160 mark I start to get misfires. When I get the gun home to clean it's real DIRTY.

    3) After about 100 rounds the barrel nut will be a bit loose so just re-tighted and you are good to go.

    4) Barrel has a little "numb" on it that points to where it goes on the body after a while of taking apart the weapon that 'numb' will be gone. Barrel will still go into the body no problem.

    Good things about the gun
    1) Fun plinker and .22 is dirt cheap (525 for $15)
    2) Recoil is very very very little
    3) Great started weapon for your non-firing friends/co-workers to try
    4) It breaks down and can be tossed in a backpack
    5) It floats

    What to get it you get it.
    Go find some additional magazines for it. It comes with two 7 round mags and it's a pain to have to re-load and re-load at the range. With the ammo being so cheap you can burn a lot of it so invest in more 7 round mags. NOTE these won't fit in the stock of the gun you oh well.

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    Thanks jediagh.

    Do you attribute the misfires and jams more to the fit/finish or the fact it isn't happy when it gets dirty? Just wanted to make sure I understood you correctly.

    Also considering a Mossberg 802, which Dick's is selling for $120. I know that's a complete 180 from a semi-auto Henry, but I like the bolt action of this one, esp. when the kids get old enough to start tossing lead.

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    I believe it's more from the fact that it (henry rifle) does not like being dirty. The Rem ammo I'm using I have notice is a bit more dirty than other's I've handled.

    My understanding is that this rifle was designed for emergency where limited ammo was going to go thru it. It was given to AIR FORCE pilots in case they bailed out and had to protect/hunt.

    The quality of the barrel and parts are ok nothing wrong there. If you do get one
    here ar some websites that can help with the dissaemble/reassemble as the Henry book is worthless in showing you and the internet has very very little images of it.

    72Deuce: AR-7 Assembly / Disassembly without Schematic

    US Survival From Henry Repeating Arms - Follow Up and Disassembly

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    I've seen an AR-7 with a wire frame and (i think) pistol grip and it looked like a fun shooter.
    that sounds like a feather rifle, they have a bbl that ataches like the ar-7's

    Rav-22LR Rav-22HA


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