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    Quote Originally Posted by fireball168 View Post
    How many would you like?

    I can supply a Savage, T/C Contender or Encore barrel in short order.

    That is a thought, as I do own a contender.
    It is better to be" Thought a Fool" then to open one's mouth and take away all doubt.

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    SSG 82 That is the first I even heard of them.
    That's why we're at INGO--to learn stuff.

    The SSG82 was $650 off the boat. Guns never go down.
    Denny Reichard, RIP.

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    Custom Main Battle Rifle (7.62x51 MBR): .308 adjustable gas piston select fire action with non-reciprocating ambidextrous charging handle, auto hold open on empty magazine. Ambidextrous bolt release. Ambidextrous safety. Forward assist. M-14 stripper clip guide and M-14 sights. 22” barrel with the tri-compensator of the BM-59/62 with bayonet lug to take a 12” OKC-3S style bayonet. A full length barrel-in-line polymer stock with pistol grip and integrated picatinny rails that don’t interfere with the stripper clip feed. Accept a bipod. Use M-14 free fall magazines with bolt hold open followers, and have an ambidextrous magazine release.

    Custom ‘Scout’ Rifle: .350 Remington Magnum lever action rifle based on the combined features of the Savage 99, Browning BLR, & Johnson 1941 rifle, w/Integrally suppressed 20" barrel, off-set stripper clip loading 10-round rotary magazine with cutoff, ghost ring peep sights, Leupold Mark 4 1-3x14 CQ-T QD scope on receiver on see-through mount w/ATN PS40-4 Night Vision front scope system, three point sling on push-button swivels, polymer Mannlicher fore stock w/attachment for custom 12" OKC-3S bayonet, polymer in-line butt stock w/internal recoil reducer and recoil reducing butt pad, 24-round tip out butt stock shell carrier w/20-rounds + 4 .380 ACP adapters sold as a package.

    Custom hunting gun: Peter Hofer funfling. 12-ga x 12-ga w/.375 H&H Mag over .30-’06 over .22 Hornet. Carved fancy wood stock, engraved and inlaid metalwork. 20-ga chamber adapters for the 12-ga barrels. Swarovski Z6 2.5-15x56 scope on see through mounts. Peep sights. Custom carved leather sling w/flush QD swivels. Custom leather money belt w/12 gauge ammunition slide, .375 H&H Magnum/.30-‘06/.22 Hornet ammunition slide.
    Jerry D Young

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    An AR in 45acp or 40s&w would be cool too.
    They already make it. Great minds think alike.

    BAZ45 in action | VolkStudio Blog
    Denny Reichard, RIP.

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    Come back of the 8mm remington magnum, and a few savage rifles readily available chambered in it.

    Perhaps higher availability of WSSM AR15 uppers. I'd love to have a 25 WSSM 18".
    "Fiat justitia ruat caelum" - Trey Gowdy

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    I'd like to see a 357 maximum Model 92 lever action.

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    Colt AR 15 Carbine in 10mm.

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    Here's an off the wall one...a CZ 550 in .218 great uncle swore up and down it was one of the most accurate rounds he ever owned.
    Believe it or not, I know exactly what I'm doing. Prepare to be dazzled.

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    Bolt-action 7.62x39mm that accepts AK magazines.

    There's an Australian company that makes Enfields like this, but they're only for the Australian market, and also Enfields.

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    Id like to see a 50 cal mounted on the roof of my car.

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