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    How far can you shoot with iron sights?

    My dad and I both got into firearms around the same time, i.e. the end of 2008. However, he likes a good scope on his rifles and I prefer iron sights. I have a 10/22 and a Marlin Lever Action that feel so "natural" in my hands as opposed to some of the scoped firearms he owns. My skills with a long gun are nonexistent and I want to work on developing them with consistent practice. He is taking the viewpoint that a person will always need a good scope at medium to longer distances. If I practice my skills, what are the ranges I can expect with iron sights? I have excellent vision so I don't anticipate needing a scope due to eyesight issues. For those of you who like iron sights, how far do you shoot before needing an optic? Thanks, !

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    Iron sights are like a scope.

    You can shoot at anything as long as you can see the target. Your eyes are the limitation. Plenty of people shooting Garands or M1As at 1000 yards

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    I have shot my RRA NM out to 600 yards with irons ....ain't no big deal......I have rifles with optics, and I much more perfer/ enjoy shooting with irons over optics
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    Long range shooting with iron sights has been around for a long time. In the past many classes of NRA High Power competition required the use of iron sights even at long range. Scopes are now allowed in many NRA service rifle competitions. Scopes are easier to use for most people so many people favor them. Skills with iron sights are necessary if the optics fail or are not available. I expect the size of the target to be reduced as more people compete with scoped rifles.

    The first Creedmore Match was fired in 1873. The match would be comprised of 15 shots at 800, 900, and 1,000 yards from any unsupported position. The rifles could weigh no more than 10 pounds, and both telescopic sights and “hair” (less than a 3-pound pull) triggers were prohibited. American team members were to be native-born and their rifles of American manufacture.

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    Depends on your eyes.
    Depends on lighting conditions.
    Depends what target you're trying to hit.
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    It depends upon the target.

    How about a low power scout scope?

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    I'm OK with iron sights.
    My gun however is a crackshot. He literally hits everything he's aiming at. Friken showoff! Definitely can shoot farther than I can see.
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    Pretty sure I'm reasonably good to 50y. Not promising anything beyond that, and even at 50y I'm no expert marksman.

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    I used to shoot out to 500 meters with Irons. that was when I had young eyes and my vision was much better than 20/20. I still test 20/20 at 62, but my vision is much worse than when I was young.

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    Depends on how big the barn is... but honestly, I've topped out at about 400 yards. I've never shot further than that.
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