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    Quote Originally Posted by Imeagher View Post
    Anything going on during the winter? Would love to visit a shoot.
    The Paradise Pass Regulators shoot year round. There might only be ten of us when it's bone chilling like this but we shoot! First Saturday of the month. Match starts 10ish.

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    Thanks slim

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    I think I'm going to check one of those cowboy matches out. Everyone that shoots them always tell me it a blast. This year is the year.

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    We had quite a few spectators for todays shoot at the Pass. I spent the day with three of them to show them the ropes. Let them shoot my guns after the match. I gladly skipped the awards. It was worth it to see the goofy grins while they were shooting. And they did pretty good! It was a GREAT day. My thanks to the rest of the posse that did the chores while I spent time with these guys.

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    Saturday, August 25th, is our next cowboy match. Our 6th stage will be long range rifle. We will shoot 22 rimfire, main match rifle, big bore lever action, and single shot rifle. Bring out a few extra rifles and have a blast. Looking forward to shooting with you.

    Whip McCord

    9:15 am SAFETY MEETING
    9:30 am MATCH STARTS

    Check out our schedule for a map and more info:

    Or, check out Google Maps for directions:!4d-86.7311833

    website: SAM Silhouette Club

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    The Pine Ridge Regulators in Carbon, IN have moved their monthly shoots to the second Saturday of each month. You can find them on Facebook.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grizhicks View Post
    After a comment I made about Appleseed, Que said post more about cowboy action, so I am. Here in Indiana, you will find clubs from SASS SASS-Home of Cowboy Action Shooting (Single Action Shooting Society) and NCOWS Welcome to NCOWS (National Congress of Old West Shootists).

    The SASS clubs (with points of contact & day of month they normally shoot):

    Atlanta Cattle Company
    Atlanta, Indiana
    Hutch - - 765-215-8758
    2nd Saturday

    Big Rock SASS
    Lexington , Indiana
    Bad Lands Barb- - 812-723-3070
    4th Saturday @ 10:00 am

    Circle R Cowboys
    Brookston, Indiana
    Mustang Bill - - 219-208-0451
    3rd Saturday

    Deer Creek Regulators
    Jonesboro, Indiana
    Doc Molar - - 765-506-0344
    4th Sunday - 10:00 AM

    Heartland Peacemakers (mounted)
    Rushville, Indiana
    Rawhidenlace - - 765-561-2521
    As Scheduled

    High Ground Regulators
    West Terre Haute, Indiana
    Blackjack Max - 765-832-3324
    3rd Saturday

    Indiana Black Powder Guild
    Paradise Pass, Indiana
    Korupt Karl - - 260-438-1044
    As Scheduled

    Paradise Pass Regulators
    8414 West 25 South
    Etna Green, IN 46524
    C.C. Top - - 574-354-7186
    1st Saturday of month (year round)

    Pine Ridge Regulators
    Brazil, Indiana
    Riverboat Gambler - - 765-832-7253
    3rd Saturday @ 10:00 am
    1st Saturday - Wild Bunch

    Pleasant Valley Renegades
    Canaan, Indiana
    Lizzy of the Valley - - 812-945-0221
    2nd Saturday @ 10:30 am

    Red Brush Raiders
    Newburgh, Indiana
    Doc Goodluck - - 812-789-3452
    2nd Saturday - As Scheduled

    Schuster's Rangers
    Chesterton, Indiana
    Coal Car Kid - - 219-759-3498
    2nd Sunday

    Starke County Desert
    Knox, Indiana
    Whip McCord - - 219-942-5859
    4th Saturday

    Wabash Rangers
    Cayuga, Indiana
    Henry Remington - - 217-267-2820
    4th Saturday

    Westside Renegades
    Evansville, Indiana
    Johnny Banjo - - 812-430-6421
    As Scheduled

    Wildwood Wranglers
    Michigan City, Indiana
    VOODOOMAN - - 219-872-2721
    4th Sunday

    Wolff's Rowdy Rangers
    Bristol, Indiana
    Justice D. Spencer - - 574-264-2012
    3rd Saturday, 2nd & 4th Thursday

    There are 4 NCOWS clubs/posses in Indiana:

    Great Lakes Freight & Mining Co.
    Modoc, Indiana
    1st Sunday

    The Scarlet mask Vigilance Society
    Martinsville, Indiana

    Colonel Bishop’s Regulators
    Evansville, Indiana
    WSSC.US - Welcome to the Cowboy Town

    Hope this helps, and if you have any questions, there are several of us here, and someone will have an answer.

    -- Grizhicks (aka: Greg)
    Wow this is really so cool and informative

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