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    Midnight Rider

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    Lessons learned during the pandemic...

    What have you learned during the pandemic?

    About your preps?

    About your hardware?

    About your skills/training?

    About other preparedness?

    Note - Everyone loves clever comedy and joking responses. There are lots of threads for that. It would be great if we could keep this thread on point to be productive for one and all.
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    Preps - I really need to take 2 is 1 a lot more seriously. I'm usually pretty good about things, and I had all of the basics covered, but I've been close on a few luxuries and that has annoyed me. Some items I'll be looking to double my supply on. I eat canned soup pretty regularly and have probably a month worth on hand in normal times, but it looks like I may end up eating it all by the time this is done (half gone already). So... 1 month needs to become 2. I should also do more to have some flu remedy type things on hand since I didn't see that one coming.

    Hardware - No real issues as I haven't needed anything special yet. I do wish I had prioritized getting an AR platform rifle (I have others, just wanted to get with "the team" for commonality). I'll be fixing that as soon as it's reasonably possible to do so.

    Skills/Training - Sort of the same story... Haven't needed to deploy any special skills of any kind yet. I think we all could use more training in general though, so this is a good wake up call.

    Other preparedness - I've got myself a touch cash strapped at the moment by taking advantage of various "good deals" while things were falling. I'm not at all desperate, but not as comfortable as I'd like to be, especially considering the market's 30% hair cut sort of shutting me out of selling things unless I really, really had to. I should make cash holdings a bigger priority in the future just as more of a safety net.

    Good thread! I'm excited to read the other responses!

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    The biggest issue I have is worrying about my adult children and their families. The wife and I could get by for several months without leaving the house at this point. It might be unpleasant as I like fresh produce, milk, eggs, store bought bread. But I have a lot of canned and frozen food and all else fails, the dried emergency supplies. But what do you do about the kids losing their jobs, not being able to feed their families, lose their homes, etc. I don't have the money to keep everyone up.

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    The emotional stability of the family is just as important as "Things" are.

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    Not every disaster is telegraphed, but if they are *and you pay attention*, you can do some things to be better prepared if/when it hits. In this case, I was able to beef up sanitation supplies before things got crazy and items became unavailable.

    A "shelter in place" order is a good time to work on projects/skills that you might have been putting off.
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    Sharing the message about preparing for this eventuality over the last 2 months has left some folks thinking that I am prepared to take care of them. The message was intended for them to hear the warning and prepare themselves in advance.

    All they apparently heard was that I was prepared and thought I could be a resource for them when they got into a pinch.

    As much as I would like to be helpful to those in need, I am re-examining my approach and my op-sec.

    Frankly, we're not even in a real pinch yet, but I have already been approached twice about some of my supplies (non-family types). I have heard a few other comments directed at me that have made me uncomfortable.

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    I'd guess I'm not alone is saying I'm not sure I learned much, but the events have solidified what I already knew. I guess I learned that I need to make more of a commitment to accomplish the preparation level I desire.

    Who knows exactly how tough the CV19 road is going to be, at this time I feel like I've done okay, but wish I'd done better/more.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Phase2 View Post
    Not every disaster is telegraphed, but if they are *and you pay attention*, you can do some things to be better prepared if/when it hits.
    It worked for me and my retirement accounts.
    I "got out of the game" just in time

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    About your preps- I'm pretty well prepared. I have cooking utensils, ability to clean both my body and clothing. I have full tanks of gas in both vehicles. Plenty of food. What I am lacking: if this plays out longer than a couple weeks, I will be out of materials to continue my home reno. I probably should go out and buy the wood to build my vanities. If I have that, I'm good for quite awhile.

    About your hardware-I am not lacking in hardware.

    About your skills/training-Skills for shelter in place are fine. Defensive skills if it would come to that can always use work.

    About other preparedness- Mentally we are fine. My wife and I don't get bored. Being sheltered in place at this point doesn't mean I'm not working my job 8 hours per day. But if that would change, I would now have the time to really organize my home from closets to garage. Something I want to get done this spring anyway.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl-just-Karl View Post
    As much as I would like to be helpful to those in need, I am re-examining my approach and my op-sec.
    No one but me knows what I actually have and I like to keep it that way. That's prepper 101. Keep your mouth shut. I've had anecdotal conversations with coworkers about this or that, but not detailed ones.

    However, this brings up another valuable point, IMO. If you are in a position to help someone out and you can do it without hurting yourself, it's a good time to do so. Not that I'm St. Max The Charitable over here or anything, but the store had a couple of extra things when I went yesterday so I dropped a couple extra bucks on them and put them in the food box at work. I'd rather people not be starving and coming after my stash in the first place, so, money where my mouth is a little bit there.

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