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    The 45-70 Government is still relevant

    I have grown very fond of this round. I have to admit I am attracted to quality things that most of the public ignores. That is why I enjoy the lever-action rifle and the 45-70 especially.
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    Last year I thought I saw a change coming in the Indiana deer hunting regulations, and I saw a deal on a rifle that I couldn't pass up.
    I picked up a brand new H&R Handi-Rifle in .45-70 just before they were discontinued.
    Even though the rules don't allow it, yet, I'm still not sorry I bought it.
    I'll bide my time, and put in some range time, and hope soon I can add it to the hunting line-up.

    Thank goodness I started reloading last year!
    Dormant U.S.Marine/ NRA Benefactor-Life

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    First gun I ever bought myself was a Marlin 1895ss. I was 18 years old. It was 1994. At Lengle's in Wabash. $400 cash and they threw in two boxes of ammo and a cleaning kit. I still have it.

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    There is some 45-70 action going on in the lair...

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    After my 1884 disappeared hadn't got another.
    Now I'm shooting the molds soft cast from a modified TC New Englander (45-70 with caseless rounds).

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    That's awesome. I saw some these at the NRA convention and I really want one:

    Clear as Winter Ice

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    One of my buddies has a handi rifle chambered in 45-70 and I can say ever since he got that thing I have admired that round. It will surely make some steel sing.
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    I have a reproduction (Taylor&co) 1874 sharps all that weight of the 32 inch barrel, very little recoil. But, I can't shoot the same level of loadings that the 1895 lever action can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWabbit View Post
    There is some 45-70 action going on in the lair...

    I need one of those really bad.

    My dad has a Springfield 1873, complete with sling and bayonet, that my great-great uncle carried in the Spanish/American War. It's still one of my favorite guns to shoot.

    Due to some convoluted family agreement about how the gun gets passed down, it will skip over me and end up belonging to my son someday.
    Necessity is the argument of tyrants; it is the creed of slaves.

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    I've been really wanting a Marlin 1895 for a while now. Someday I'll get one.

    Instagram: @nakinate

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