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    I cast my own.

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    Cannon Fodder Wolfhound's Avatar

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    I do some casting and just got some blue bullets to try. Also use Ships fast and shipping is free on most items.
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    PATRIOT indyjohn's Avatar

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    More casting their own here than I expected to see (Leadeye was a given... ), that is a good thing.

    I've tried all the above and none of them have stood out as the worst or the best. Problem is, most of what I shoot wears a jacket. Last orders went to RMR and Barry's.
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    Missouri Bullet Company.

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    Another caster here.
    I do buy some plated / fmj sometimes.
    Buy all my rifle bullets but haven't in a couple of years
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    For pistol I have used a lot of plated from Xtreme over the years. Match up their "Deal of the Day" with a sale when they have flat rate shipping and you'll get yourself a decent deal.

    Regular prices have been creeping up over the last couple of years and now have me looking at the powder coated stuff (red or blue).

    Every now and then I have found some great deals on rifle bullets from Midway.

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    I have bought from Midway, Natchez, Midsouth, Cabela's, and local shops. Most of them come from Cabela's since we have a Cabela's credit card and use it on EVERYTHING to rack up the points. So most of my bullets come "free" from the points gained on the credit card. Balance is paid off every month so I am not paying for bullets with interest on my purchases either.

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    Second vote for cast from Missouri Bullett Co.

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    American Reloading, Xtreme.

    I buy in bulk 6-7k each caliber specially during Black Friday.
    NoMo new guns, Mo Ammo.

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    1911s are like Glocks except they are for grown-ups.

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