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    On my mom's side we came from England to the Middle Plantation at Jamestown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Expat View Post
    On my mom's side we came from England to the Middle Plantation at Jamestown.
    One of mom's ancestors, a John Chew was there at Jamestown, his grandchildren moved up to New Jersey and after the revolution came down the river on a flatboat...One of mom's ancestors was Susie McClintock and she was born in Clark County, Indiana in 1792 or so...Her grave is up in the Knobs near Buttontown Road, her father in law, John Williams is buried in Breedlove Cemetery in Harrison County...Her hisband William Williams was a Ranger during the War of 1812 along the old Buffalo Trace, now Hwy 150....We've got good records because he got rolled at a tavern in New Albany in 1810 or so and had to reapply for his pension...

    John Chew (Chewe), IV
    Also Known As: "The Immigrant", "Johannes"
    Birthdate: July 16, 1587
    Birthplace: Chewton, Chewton Mendip, Somerset, England
    Death: August 24, 1668 (81)
    York County, Virginia, United States
    Place of Burial: York, VA, United States
    Immediate Family: Son of John Chew, III and Anne Chewe
    Husband of Anne Chewe; Sarah Chew and Rachel Constable
    Father of John Chew; John Chew; Nathaniel Chew; Sarah Chew; Joseph Chew and 2 others
    Brother of Samuel Chew; Dyna Berkman; Susan Leland / Elridge; Hester Duncombe; Sara Chew and 1 other
    Occupation: Came to Virginia in 1662 in the ship "Charitie" to become a planter and was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses, Merchant / Colonist, Merchant, Colonist

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    Thread killing historian.

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    My kids are mostly Greek (25%) and French (25%).

    So we just call em Freeks.

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    Ancestry can be cool.
    Unfortunately some folks find stuff they wish they didnt.
    Kids out of wedlock....adoptions.....and they let that stuff from the past ruin their future.
    Got a buddy that was adopted. Great attitude. He considers his adopted parents his real parents and leaves it at that.
    Have seen people so wound up over " where did i come from" that it totally screws up where they are going.
    Why i dont give a flip about it. Heard some from relatives and just left it alone.

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    My wife's family is of German descent. She did a bit snooping around and found that there was a general on both sides during the D-Day invasion bearing the family name. She's made the connection to the American but not to the German.
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    I have read all of these posts. It truly amazes me that these kinds of records exist; ones that allow some people to trace their ancestry to the days of the Mayflower.

    My grandpas came to the United States shortly after WW2 from Yugoslavia. As with most Serbs of their generation who fought the Fascists and Communists, following the war, they traveled to Western Europe, Canada, the United States, and Australia. In these new countries, little communities were established; East Chicago and Gary, at one time had, had decent-sized communities.

    Meticulous record keeping was not important to my ancestors. None of my grandparents knew their actual birth date, just a general time frame. When they came to the United States, they were all given birth dates. The government gave my grandpa one and US steel gave him another.

    Due to poor record keeping, the farthest I can trace my ancestry is to my great great grandparents. The overall history of my people is well documented: I really do enjoy learning about our past, it gives so much prospective as to why events are occurring today. It would be nice if my fellow youth enjoyed it as much as I do.

    The continuity of history will never cease to amaze me.

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    My grandfather fought in the Spanish American War (yes, grandfather, not great grandfather; I am 54) as a member of a Philippine Scouts in the US Army.

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    Cool story... Mom was listening to Greg Garrison's show many moons ago and he was talking about his maternal great grandma, who had a VERY unique name. Coincidentally, Mom recalled her maternal great grandma with the same name. She wrote him and he confirmed that indeed they were both talking about the same lady.

    He was also gracious enough to have his staff make a couple copies of the genealogy book he had assembled from his research and send it to mom. (this was pre-internet ancestry days)
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    Quote Originally Posted by indiucky View Post

    Here is my DNA coming over in 1700 per AncestryDNA....It jibes with family stories....
    I here I thought longcats were bad.
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    My family genealogy is quite tame and predictable. Paternally, I'm like 9th Generation Irish American. Maternally I'm about the same generation - but German. DNA testing has me at "74% England, Wales, & Northwestern Europe." and "24% Ireland & Scotland". Boils down to, essentially, I'm 100% Celtic / Viking.

    VERY interesting that there isn't any intrusion from anything from any of the more SE European / Mediterranean / Roman Empire. There was a crap ton of warring / ethnic cleansing / rape / whole people groups pushed out of Central Europe into British Isles that went on 2k years ago by the Romans against the Celtic people. (Gee, thanks, Julius).
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