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    Iím a little worried that Josh may have hit his head...really hard...or had a stroke...or be on acid...or think he is way more clever than he really is.
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    So you guys don't all pray to Ollie five times a day?
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    Quote Originally Posted by eldirector View Post
    A week or so ago, my elementary-aged kid brought home a permission slip for a 3rd party hearing screening at her school. I declined, and she returned the slip. Turns out, they administered the screening anyway, even after she reminded them that I had declined. Not just didn't give permission (eg: not returning the slip), but specifically declining (eg: they explicitly do not have permission).

    I am rather pissed, on several levels:
    - they went against my wishes
    - they performed a medical screening against my wishes
    - they used a 3rd party, who now has both a medical and education record for my child
    - the school now has this medical record in their file
    - the teacher actually told my kid to "stop fibbing" when she said we had declined, and forced her to be screened (I was annoyed with the above, but this sends me over the moon)

    I work with FERPA protected information almost every day. My wife worked with HIPPA protected information for more than a decade. We are both pretty well versed in those laws. I'm doing some research to see where exactly this falls. Not like I want to take this to the Supreme Court or anything, but I am rather annoyed.

    So, to the INGO collective... am I overreacting? Under-reacting? Just right?

    And just as I post, an update:
    Turns out the secretary didn't keep track of accept/decline. I have been assured the information would be removed by the school and the 3rd party. This impacted more than just my family.
    I dont think you're over reacting one bit . Essentially what they did was perform a medical procedure on your child not only without consent but with an outright declination. Not to mention it was against yours and your wife's wishes. I have worked EMS for years now since getting out of the Corps. As a Paramedic if I would've performed any medical procedure on a minor without parental consent (with exception of implied consent to save the minors life and even then I could only take the appropriate actions required to save their life. No more and no less until such time that I had consent ) then my medical license would be revoked and I would be brought up on several charges any of which would land me in jail not to mention most likely facing a lawsuit also! The same thing goes for adult patients also. I only used a minor patient to relate to the situation better.
    You said your wife has worked in the healthcare sector for a good while now so I'm sure that this is not news to either of you. Again I dont think you are overreacting at all in the least. If I were in your shoes and it were my child then I would be livid and consulting my attorney. Also when your child reiterated to them the position of you and your wife and they didnt believe your child they should have not only referred back to the written refusal for treatment (the hearing test paperwork that was sent home)but also contacted either your wife or yourself for clarification of any type of misunderstanding on their part. I hope you get everything worked out ! Good luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by josh64 View Post
    Wait till the school system cart them off to the local mozlom community centre or mosq and/or make them say the shihada, or write a confession that ollie is the one true god, god has no sun, and his profit is old moe who had a 9yr old wife.
    The ridiculousness of this statement aside, I'd be about as pissed as I was when my son came home from preschool talking about Jesus.
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    It's a private school that does not follow your wishes...why are you paying for this? We did a Montessori school that did the same sort of thing, first year great second year sucked. See ya, by by. I won't pay for crap that I don't want.
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    On the other side of fear lies freedom.

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