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Thread: Cost to have a car painted?

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    Cost to have a car painted?

    Anyone have a car painted in the last couple years? Wondering what it costs now days.

    Not looking for show quality. Iíd like to get my sonís car painted as a graduation gift. The car only has 40,000 miles on it, and the interior, and under the hood are so clean you could eat off of them, but it is a Florida car and the paint is sun baked. Plan on keeping the color the same to keep the job simple.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Sweet, sign me up. Lol.

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    If you just want a cover-up, you can get it done for 400-1000. MAACO ran a promo not long ago for 299. If you want it done properly, or if the metal needs attention, dings removed, base coat applied, etc, look at 3500 and up.

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    If the paint is sun bleached it will need to be prepped properly or the new paint will not stick. Be prepared for a shock.
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    The second half of this equation is finding someone to do it. I've talked to several places about a total repaint on our convertible and most of them ask if I'm willing to leave it for up to a year. They make more money on collision damage so a lot of places aren't interested in doing whole jobs now. Not saying it'll be that difficult to find one just that you will probably wait longer than they tell you if they're any good.

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    I have had MAACO paint two trucks, don't remember price on the first one. a Dodge but it was the whole truck, A 1995 when Dodge had bad primer and the paint would just flake off in chunks. That was 15 or so years ago so price would be irrevalant now but the paint looked good till I traded. A few years ago I had them replace sheet metal in the bed sides and repaint my 2004 F-150. Rusting again but in different places, job cost about $1800.00. Jim.

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    Getting a vehicle painted is one of the biggest crap shoots on this earth. I have heard more horror stories about bad experiences with car painters than any other consumer service.

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    I would attempt to find a body man that does side work on his own time.
    They will often be about half the price of a body shop.
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    Thanks, there is a really small shop up the street from my house. Maybe Iíll check there might have better luck than the larger shops that do collision repair.

    I know when I was I high school in the 90ís you could get a paint job for $500. I was hoping to stay under $1000, weíll see.

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