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    Quote Originally Posted by tday16 View Post
    Does anyone know of any places to purchase real black powder in Indiana? I just purchased my first flintlock and I need some powder. I just want to get a couple pounds to hold me over until the NMLRA spring shoot when Iíll stock up. Iíve only ever shot percussion guns before using substitutes.
    Where are you located Tday? There are places to be found depending on where you are.

    Congrats on the new sparker too. Post up some pics if you can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dimik View Post
    I just recently got into shooting black powder. Shooting a cap and ball revolver is just way too much fun! No wonder you can't have them in NYC. I sence a wave of muzzleloader purchases coming.
    You said it friend. Colt 1860 Army 44cal.
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    Who's at Friendship? We're just about.4.spots North of the Memphis mafia cabin right on the road. Off and on rain has kept us off of the woods walk, but the primitive range was open.

    Between the weather and the fee hikes, it was not crowded at all. I found a nice old Scott & sons shotgun reasonably priced. And a very reasonably priced small caliber powder flask. LOL. Oh, and a lead hammer. To match my intellect.

    Got to have nice visit with cousin Carlton, away from lodge or a funeral, for a change. And spent a couple of great days with the fabulous Johnston boys, and their chef, Mark. Boy, do we eat good.

    So, anyone else here? How's your experience?
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    My favorite assault weapon...1978, 54 cal, Green Mountain Rifle Works.


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    Friendship. Become a member of the NMLRA while youíre there and help keep this institution alive.

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    What would be recommendations for a flintlock kit for a beginner? Im wanting it to eventually do rendezvous with but also want to maybe hunt deer with.
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    You need a little flint knapping hammer and a screwdriver. Lots of places have a combo tool.
    You need a vent pick.
    You need a nice brass or steel ramrod, with a cleaning jag.
    You need a worm screw for pulling balls, and a wire patch screw.
    A breech scraper helps get the bottom corners of the barrel cleaned out.
    You need a pound bottle of 2 or 3 F black powder.
    You need a pound of 5 F.
    You need a powder flask, and a measure.
    You need a priming flask.
    You need a supply of balls, and patches.
    You need cleaning patches.
    You need a ball starter.
    Bore butter is the best for wiping down your rifle and oiling the bore between uses.
    A few spare flints is always a good idea.
    A bag to carry your powder, patches, ball, and tools is a must. It can be cloth or leather.
    I'm sure there's stuff I'm forgetting.
    Have fun!
    Beto is one of "Those" people that you hope to one day be able to throat punch.

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    If anyone wants to see the 1860's, 51's etc in competition come out to Paradise Pass in Etna Green Aug 9-10-11. It's the Indiana Blackpowder Guild annual championship. 1860-1892 rifles, cap and cartridge handguns and double or lever shotguns. Side matches on Friday, main match on Saturday and Sunday. Shooting from 9:00am until noonish both days. I'll be shooting my Blackhawk .44s, an 1892 and a double gun. Full charges of APP in all. We may play with a Sharps or two also!

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    Derp, just found this sticky. Yes we should get a separate sub room channel whatever.

    Ferreting out the black powder stuff from the modern cartridge is daunting and blackpowder and muzzleloading is valid deer hunting.

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    My favorite time in the woods. And the only chance to see blod in the snow it looks like.

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