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    Brick wall penetration?

    Has anyone done any testing to see if pistol and rifle calibers would penetrate thru brick walls?

    My house is brick, and I've often wondered about penetration.

    If not, would anyone be interested in performing a test?

    But NOT at my house!
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    You mean we get to shoot up your house!

    count me in!!! LOL

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    very good question, I too live in a brick house and have wondered the same thing. If nobody comes with a legit answer by this weekend ill drive to my father-in-laws and put it to test with 9mm, .223, and 7.62x39. I have some extra brick in the garage and plywood, and ill record it too and show some results. Of course unless someone gives a legit answer by than.

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    I saw this done on one of the outdoor channels, but it was to see which rifle caliber would penetrate the fastest. I can't find anything on YouTube. I think you've given Lovemywoods a new review to consider.
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    I have a stack of probably 300 or more red bricks in the drive way. Come get em!!!!

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    Have you ever seen the vid of the LA bank Robbery? AK47 at over 100 meter through cinder block and concrete dividers wounding LEOs.

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    223 has trouble with drywall walls I think bricks going to be ok

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    Didn't see it at a glance, but this is probably the guy to ask: The Box O' Truth - Ammo Penetration Testing
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    Funny thing about this is that, in my "uneducated" opinion, is that brick is less dense than drywall...but harder, making it easier to "shatter" and less easy to "COMPRESS".

    Drywall has some funny characteristics because its soft and dense...also just depends on what kind of "brick" we are talking about.

    The "harder" the brick...the easier it will be to "penetrate"....Like shooting through a foot of Styrofoam Vs. a glass pane. The glass is very hard...but shatters....the foam is very "dense" and will absorb more.

    Id be interested in the results of the testing...maybe testing penetration of brick Vs. Siding, OSB, insulation, and drywall stacks.

    God bless

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    I know my Mosin M44 will shoot through a 1/4 in steel silo door and blow out the cinderblock in the back wall. Quite fun.

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