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Thread: Shooting Gloves

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    Shooting Gloves

    Mods, feel free to move this if you don't feel like it's the appropriate area.

    I've decided it's time to invest in a quality pair of shooting gloves, and holy cow batman are there a ton of choices. I figured I'd let the hivemind help in my choosing of a pair. So what say INGO? What brand of shooting glove are you currently running, and are you happy with their durability/performance?

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    I'll follow this thread, but can I ask what made you decide you need/want gloves? My biggest reservation is loss of the trigger 'feel'. Anyway, hope you get lots of comments!

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    For a nice thin grove I have found Hatch gloves to be a high quality well fit item.
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    I've been using this specific pair from Lowe's for a year now and they are great! Handgun, and carbine work. I wore them to the Larry Vickers carbine course and they did great in solid rain Sat. and in transition drills. I did find myself only wearing the Left glove after a while Sunday only because it was a slight hassle trying to paste tape on targets with them.
    I will never again buy a pair of gloves of this type that have the velcro strap around the wrist. The new elastic slip on ones make more of a difference than I thought they would.
    This particular model number glove has a pad on the perfect spot, the base of the finger next to your thumb. I always cut that knuckle on something when I run the carbine (class or 2 gun) and the pad is cut up but not dead yet demonstrating how much it has saved my finger/knuckle.
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    I'm a fan of Ansell Combat gloves - can usually find them cheap on Ebay. Also, Mechanix Wear Fast Fit gloves are nice and are still very tactile.

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    I'm really happy with these for soaking up recoil and giving me a better hand position. Took awhile to get a pair but I feel it was worth checking back constantly until I got a pair.
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    These have worked well so far. There is a full finger version too.

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    I use the common weightlifter gloves available at Walmart, Academy, other sporting goods stores. They are a combination of materials, light weight. Flexible, and have padding in the palm where I want it. Nice variety, fingerless, $10-15. I think I'm using Harbinger brand, or something like that.

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    I've always rocked Jersey gloves. Cheap work well and come out of the washing machine like brand new. Love em.

    Need a little more protection then buckskin is great but so is the price. Mechanics gloves are ok but I wore them out quickly.

    It's all personal preference that's why there is so many.

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