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Thread: Packing a firearm at the Family Reunion.

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    Packing a firearm at the Family Reunion.

    We had our yearly family reunion today. As usual a lot of food, laughing, pictures and fun. What was different this year than past years reunions was over 50% of my family where packing a firearm. Usually 3 or 4 did. So what has the family up in arms so to speak?

    Other than reminiscing, most of the talk was about the lawlessness and riots going on. What I seen today was amazing to say the least. My family is split about 50/50 Democrat and Republican a few libertarians mixed in. All were in agreement the lawlessness must be stopped by whatever means necessary. Which was surprising as well. Many of my die hard Democrat voting family members said they were voting for Trump this year.

    I think if the election isn't rigged Trump wins big this election.

    That said how many people pack a firearm to a family reunion?
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    Mine are in Page or Oak Hill, WV or Ripley, Sardis or Jackson, Mississippi.. If one shows up without a firearm, you will not be in any Here Watch this Videos....

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    My motto is, "Always lawful, usually armed." I see you're from Ripley County, my Mom is originally from Sunman. Her Dad/my Grandpa had long guns over every door in the house. The old pictures of me and my cousins at Christmas with the family and pictures of the family at various events? There were few pictures you didn't see a gun!!

    Based on what I observed as a small child, everybody there is armed. Carry on!!!
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    Well I pack everywhere regardless these days. If you do not want me to carry at your place well I just wont come to your place I guess.
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    I have CC'd at the last few reunions.

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    I was armed at my dad's memorial, and funeral, in Texas......
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    Not necessarily at reunions, but most gatherings end with some steel targets getting blasted.

    The in-laws house is usually pistols.

    Mom and Dad s house is a mixed range of pistol and rifle shooting.

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    most of the family on dad's side carry, some on mom's.
    Last get together was this spring for a cousin's B-day. I couldn't even guess how many were packing, 10 for sure, including the B-day boy.
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    Reunions are meant to carry your barbeque gun!
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    Always. The joy of sitting in my aunt's kitchen listening to her ramble on about how her son carries and he's "gonna shoot himself in the butt someday." while I sit there across the table with a gun IWB and she has no clue. I think he carries IWB @4oclock/8oclock like me and she doesnt realize he's got it in a holster.
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