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Thread: Did world war 3 just start?

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    Did world war 3 just start?


    Ukrainian international airline says it has cancelled flights to #Crimea because "airspace is closed" -Reuters
    LBCI News English (@LBCI_News_EN) February 28, 2014
    BREAKING: AP in #Crimea spots convoy of Russian armored personnel carriers en route to capital U.S. warns Russia: Ukraine intervention would be 'grave mistake' - World Israel News | Haaretz (@haaretzcom) February 28, 2014
    While the latest official development surrounding the Ukraine crisis is that in under two hours, or at 3pm, the UN Security council will meet to discuss the situation in Crimea.

    More APCs And Helicopters As The Airspace Closes: The Latest Developments From The Ukraine | Zero Hedge

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    WWIII did not just start.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SkinNFluff View Post
    At a family gathering, my sister was getting ready to leave. She walked up and gave me a hug and said "Your phone is poking me." I smiled and replied simply with "That's not my phone".
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    ...he said alright sir and shaked my hard and said he has respect...
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    I cocked my head to the side a little and was admiring his piece.
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    And seriously, where are those testicles being served? I want to just shove a handful into my mouth.

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    Does the Ukraine still have nukes?
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    Armed men seize two airports in Ukraine's Crimea, Yanukovich reappears | Reuters
    “We have noted the expert assessment of Susan Rice based on multiple cases when American troops were sent to various places of the word, especially those where the US administration believed the norms of Western democracy were in danger, or where the local regimes were getting out of hand,” a Russian Foreign Ministry source told news agencies on Monday.
    The source added that, “We expect that national security adviser would be giving to the US leadership the same advice on the mistaken path of the use of force if it decides to conduct a new intervention.”
    The veiled reproach comes after a Sunday interview, in which Susan Rice said bluntly that sending troops to restore ousted President Yanukovich’s leadership in Kiev "would be a grave mistake" on the part of Russia.
    Viktor Yanukovych insists he's still Ukraine's President -

    Seems Russia is recognizing the existing president as still having power.

    Like it or not,this could be a modern version of the Cuban missile crisis.
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    I love Zero Hedge but they do tend to predict calamity on a daily (if not hourly) basis. Ukraine is a proxy war between Russian Oligarchs and Western banking cartels. Does anyone on either side have the political will to engage in open warfare over the Ukraine? I don't know and I don't really believe anyone who says they do know. After Syria, does anyone on the Russian side take US warnings about crossing lines and grave consequences seriously? If I was Putin, I wouldn't. I sure as hell don't want to spend American lives and treasure so that the IMF has the privilege of bailing Ukraine out. If the Euros want to fight over it, then they can pay for it.

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    If the US goes over there to drive them out, that's when I believe that the preparation for ww3 to start. I've never been scared of China attacking us, but Russia terrifies me.
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    And to note.. There is an Russian war ship docked in Cuba.

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    Meh, Putin will snap off Crimea, much noise, move on to the next.
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    Quote Originally Posted by atvdave View Post
    And to note.. There is an Russian war ship docked in Cuba.
    There's probably Russian submarines a hell of a lot closer than that to the US coast...just like there has been for, I dunno, 50 years or so/

    "'Gun guys' can find a way to get butthurt about just about anything."

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