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    Best 9mm - your opinions please

    Greetings all

    i am looking to get a pistol primarily for taking to the range for some handgun practice

    from my past experience i like the 9mm - (9x19) - as it is not too expensive and is still a "decent" round..

    i have been thinking about several options:

    Springfield XDm
    Ruger 96
    Beretta 92

    do you have any suggestions to the above - or even new suggestions??



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    Grandmaster turnandshoot4's Avatar

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    You forgot the sig 226! There is one for sale on here for $470 and that is a GREAT DEAL!!

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    Grandmaster Disposable Heart's Avatar

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    All listed are great guns, this question gets asked a bit. Any of the guns that fits you and works well for your needs is the one to get.
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    Expert rmcrob's Avatar

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    I have a Ruger SR9 I like a lot. I have a couple Glocks, but not 9mm. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend either.

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    Certified Glock Nut shooter521's Avatar

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    Glock 19 all the way! (those who know me probably saw that one coming)

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    samll correction

    I meant Ruger 95 - me and my fat fingers - sorry

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    no longer pays the bills

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    Glock 19
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    Expert GlockRock's Avatar

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    Glock 19

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    'tis but a flesh wound! TomN's Avatar

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fenway View Post
    Glock 19
    What he said.
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    Rifleman Lars's Avatar

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    I was/am a die hard HK fan, and my wife Pami loves Sigs.
    that said, I would recommend the Glock 19 every day of the week.
    Magazines are half the cost of HK or Sig mags. They are every bit as reliable. And you can buy replacement parts locally wherever you live..... not that it's likely you'll ever need them.

    Glocks have more sight options than almost any handgun except maybe the 1911..... Everyone makes holsters for Glocks, Most are even kept in stock and are ready to ship the day you order.

    There are a lot of reasons to own a Glock.

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