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    Smith and Wesson J-frame ala 642 and the like...Sig P938 (my choice)...Shield...Model 60 Smith and Wesson...Ruger LCR...Glock (cough cough) 43...all good options. Actually, everything mentioned here seems like good advice including to pass on the Taurus and don't discount revolvers.

    Check out some threads by doddg. I think he has purchased and commented on every possible CCW made...not really...but he has had a few lately and freely commented on his personal experience. His wife probably has a nice CCW that she would sell you.

    The correct answer is what you shoot well enough to train with regularly and carry in a safe and concealed manner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mcapo View Post
    The correct answer is what you shoot well enough to train with regularly and carry in a safe and concealed manner.
    When everything is equal, ^^^^^THIS^^^^^

    Quote Originally Posted by 3KP View Post
    I'm curious what is a good small hand gun. I been looking at the body guard 380. Mainly due to it has a safety. I would like for it to fit in my front pants pocket or possibly a ankle holster
    Most of the below firearms have "safeties" built into them. The main one for the revolver is your trigger finger not being on the trigger... (or as some others reference "booger hook off the bang switch")

    Quote Originally Posted by BehindBlueI's View Post
    Pocket carry is pretty personal. It depends on your build, your pants, how active you are, etc.

    If you are dead set on pocket carry, I'd look at the various S&W j-frames as well as the Ruger LCR and LCP. No caliber lower than .38 or .380. The 9mm Shield is a very solid choice, although too big for me to pocket but ankle carries fine. Some guys can pocket them just fine, though.

    Remember to use a pocket holster, which increases safety, helps break up the lines of the firearm, and keeps it oriented correctly in your pocket. Carry nothing else in that pocket.
    Understand that BBI knows his stuff. He also added the Baby Glock 42 / 43 when they got mentioned after this post.

    Quote Originally Posted by throttletony View Post
    Plz use a holster, even if minimal to cover triggerguard (raven concealment, etc)
    Ruger LCP2, LC9, or LCR are good choices, and i would prefer them to the s&w bodyguard (this gun never impressed me much - though i never carried one daily)

    Shield and Walther PPS or glock 42/43 would be right on the big side, but possible if pocket size and tightness allow.

    Sig p938 or 238 might be worth checking out - these have a 1911 style safety
    If I had to use one of these in BOLD, I'd suggest the LCR. The others are difficult to manage (small gun / big in hands, recoil, not much slide to clear malfunctions), in my opinion...

    My rotation / options would be as follows... Smith J-Frame Model 638 or 442 in pocket / ankle / one for each, Shield in IWB tucked or ankle with spare mag(s) in pocket / on other ankle, and Glock 43 in cargo / tucked holster with spare mag in pocket.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Givens View Post
    Objective standards are meaningless if people are not held to them.
    He said to them, "But now if you have a purse, take it, and also a bag; and if you don't have a sword, sell your cloak and buy one. Luke 22:36 NIV

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    What Blue said above, your finger is your safety. Try a Glock-42 .380, or a Glock-43 in 9mm.
    Now me I carry a Glock-27 .40 both pocket and ankle sometimes without issues but that's just me.

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    My wife and I both like the LCPII. Carries well in a pocket or ankle holster. A bit small, but I have smaller hands so it works fine for me. It's a lot nicer to shoot than the original LCP and we've yet to have any issues with ours.

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    I have used a S&W 442 in a Galco Ankle Glove for my Sunday carry for a few years. Like anything it has its pros and cons. My biggest requirement is concealment and it does well at that.

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    If deep concealment is one of your major concerns, you can look at a back pocket wallet shaped holster that conceals the outline of the gun. None of you customers are going to question this shape in your back pocket. It also has the advantage of really concealing your draw in a situation like a mugging where someone is demanding your wallet. They expect you to reach into your back pocket but it's a big surprise if you come up with a gun.

    The downside is that it can be tough to grip the butt of the gun for the draw stroke. I've also found that sometimes when I back pocket carry I accidentally sit on the gun to the point of engaging the mag release. That's a big no bueno if the gun is called on in a self defense situation, as you may be left with only 1 round, or none if your pistol has a mag disconnect.

    ETA: to clarify I don't use this particular holster, so I'm speaking to downsides of back pocket carry in general.

    If I had a gun for every ace I have drawn, I could arm a town the size of Abilene.

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    I agree small revolvers do carry well, I carry a, taurus 605 5 shot 357 in a de saints ankle rig wile on my Harley. I also carry a ruger LC9 in a Blackhawk pocket holster, mainly in the summertime.,

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    Take a look at the Colt Mustang. Works well on the ankle, or in the pocket, or IWB. Just need a good holster.
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    If a person were going to get a 637 is it worth the extra spend for the PC enhanced action version?
    Isaiah 40:31

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    Quote Originally Posted by saintnick81 View Post
    If a person were going to get a 637 is it worth the extra spend for the PC enhanced action version?
    Yes, the trigger on production S&W revolvers is appalling at best before Ray Saltzman did the trigger my 360PD had a 18 pound double action!!!! It is now down to a very nice 10 pounds and well worth the cost. Having the performance center fix the trigger will just save you time.

    Quote Originally Posted by MCgrease08 View Post
    Dude, from what I can tell from your photos, you don't do anything bargin bin.

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