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    Quote Originally Posted by STEEL CORE View Post
    Did I say Glock-42?
    I love my 42, but also have shot someone's 43 and found it to be a very small difference in recoil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nepherael View Post

    I think that what I will end up finding most enjoyable is a 9mm 1911/2011.
    Yes. You'll love the 9mm 1911's. I bought one for my wife. I really love shooting it. I took it to a plate match last week. It's so easy to shoot really good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nepherael View Post
    I'm still figuring that out. I prefer full size handguns so I've only shot anything with a barrel shorter than 5" once or twice. I love my 1911. Most comfortable gun I've ever held, even with my dainty, soft hands. Problem is, it is most definitely not very comfortable shooting .45 with it. It's not the recoil, it's how hard the recoil hits the inside of my thumb. I also have a G34 that I am enjoying immensely but it runs the knuckle on my thumb raw.

    I think that what I will end up finding most enjoyable is a 9mm 1911/2011.
    What safety/backstrap was it wearing though? I can't shoot more than a few rounds with the GI tail stabbing my hand every shot but virtually any other beavertail is fine.

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    Sig P238 shooting Polycase Inceptor target rounds

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    Used to like a PF9 because it was so easy to carry and conceal. Too small for my hands.
    Liked a S&W 469 for the capacity and small size - too small for my hands.
    Liked a Kahr CM9, but- you guessed it - too small for my hands. Now a backup, ankle carry.
    Settled on Kahr CW9 - fits my hands and I shoot it well. Not as easy to carry and conceal as the PF9, but it'll do.
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    Kahr K9 Elite 9mm

    Little on the pricey side but it shoots very well and has eaten everything I've put through it 100% reliably. It is by far the pistol I'm most accurate with even more so than my CZ SP01 or 1911 which were my most accurate guns before I got my K9. Trigger take some getting used to but I love it now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Punkinhead View Post
    I like a small gun for pocket carry in the summer, but there's nothing fun about shooting one. I take my LCP to the range now and then to verify function and stay proficient with it, but it's a a necessary evil rather than an enjoyable experience. I got rid of a CM9 because it was so inaccurate and unpleasant to shoot.
    Hello. Check out the BigDaddyHoffman1911 review of the LCPII using Polycase Inceptor ARX Self-Defense .380 Auto 56 gr. Looks very good to me but have not tried it yet....almost NO kick. Good luck. Jim

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    2.5inch S&W model 19, 357 mag. Bought it new in 1981.
    1911s are like Glocks except they are for grown-ups.

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    What's your most enjoyable &quot;small&quot; gun to shoot?

    A different perspective on enjoyable;

    A friend had a Keltec PF 9. It was always a blast guessing what the ratio of bang to clicks were going to be that day. He got tired of the constant peanut gallery laughs and traded it for a Kahr CM 9. We didnít have any more fun watching him after. The Kahr went bang every time the trigger was pulled. Iím not sure if all of them are that much fun or if his was a special one.

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