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    Geesh if these are legit it'll make those pistols sell like crazy! Thinner walled from metal so more internal room, but squeezing 5 more rounds seems crazy! I'm excited to see how these turn out!

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    Dammit. I did not need to read/see this. At all.


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    Quote Originally Posted by STAGE 2 View Post
    Itís either gonna work or itís not. If itís does then Glock will sell 3x as many as they would have. At least for me it will go from a maybe to a definitely assuming proof of concept.
    Yup, same here. A 15 round G43X is something that Iíd be interested in. I hope that they prove to be reliable in the long run.
    Ď88 (aka Ď88, the mad scientist)

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    I was a little surprised that the Glock mags were 10 round. Comparing the physical size to the 365 12 round mag I think 12 rounds would have been doable for the Glocks but 3 more rounds with the same size mag honestly seems impossible. Maybe some kind of follower that compresses would work but it appears another 3/4" would be a minimum to get 3 more rounds in the mag. Anything is possible but I'm not holding my breath on this one.
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    43X carrier here. I care very little about capacity but see nothing wrong with them if they work.
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    I am interested to try them out. I got on the pre order list.

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    Kirk Freeman 43x carrier?

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    I bet Sig lawyers are working overtime right now making sure there are no patent infringements.

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    Thats nuts! I hope these are released soon - its been circulating the blogs for awhile now

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