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    Unhappy Best 1911 under $600

    I don't want to hear about any 1911 above $600. It has to be a government .45 ACP. I have 1911's done by major gunsmiths not simi-custon productions. I know about high dollar 1911's but not lower cost 1911's.
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    I still care....Really
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    Not being a smart guy but more curious as to what comes.
    The RIA's I have seen of late are not all that bad compared to what they were a few years ago.
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    I got a Thompson Auto Ordnance A1 government series 80 45acp at Point Blank a couple weeks ago for $409. It went straight back to the factory for fit and finish issues, under warranty. It will have a new slide fitted and might be a good shooter. I'll see what $409 gets me when it comes back. The barrel bushing was really tight, which is good. The slide fit was a little loose and the lugs were fitted by a 12 year old with a grinder, but lockup was good.

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    rhino is unclear on the purpose or intent of this topic.

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    The best 1911 under $600 will be used/pre-owned.

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    Oh no. Someone invoked the 3rd person Rhino.

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    Honestly taurus. Mine was rock solid, the guys in the local club are all happy. Remington is apparently a good value. Springfield is you can find an ro for 400ish and put another 3 or 4 or 900 into a visit at the body shop.

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    You can get the Springfield defender series for under $500. Close thread.

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    I have a buddy that just bought a brand new RIA Tactical 2 from Rural King for $560 otd. It has a full length dust cover with a rail, descent front f.o. sights, fixed rear sights, magwell & ambi safety. Im not sure theyre VZ grips but very similar. I was quite skeptical and even told him to save a few more pennies and find a used SA, Ruger or maybe even a Kimber but he insisted and it was his cash so..
    Have to say I was suprised. The slide was kinda tight, not WC or LB tight but close to SA tight. The bushing was tight. Trigger kinda sucked but for under $600 what do you expect but it might smooth out after 500 or so rounds. He ran a couple boxes of 230gr fmj thru it without any ftf or fte issues and he kept most of them on a 4" target at 7yds. Really suprised because its only his 2nd handgun. Looks like he got a descent economy 1911. I'd still save a few more pennies for a used SA but if you didnt want to you might want to check one out.

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