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    Exclamation FerFal's Lessons of SHTF in Argentina - True Story

    I think all of you guys should read this and take it to heart. This guy known as "FerFal" has put a considerable amount of time documenting his experiences in a true SHTF scenario - when his country's economy collapsed.

    I thought every SHTF forum had seen this but apparently not. I can't find any reference to it in our archives. This should be a "sticky" thread in my opinion.

    FerFal is from Argentina and watched his country go through the turmoil of watching his country deteriorate around him. In 2001, their stock market crashed and everything was chaos. He talks about the do's and dont's of survival in a violent, dangerous time in an otherwise civilized country.

    It is worth the read...
    In fact it is some of the most valuable SHTF reading you can find.

    A sample of his prelude to the equipment section....

    Quote Originally Posted by FerFal


    After TSHTF in 2001, only the most narrow minded, brain washed, butterfly IQ level idiots believed that the police would protect them from the crime wave that followed the collapse of our economy.

    A lot of people that could have been considered antigun before, ran to the gun shops, seeking advise on how to defend themselves and their families. They would buy a 38 revolver, a box of ammo, and leave it in the closet, probably believing that it would magically protect them from intruders.

    Oh, maybe you don't think that firearms are really necessary or your beliefs do not allow you to buy a tool designed to kill people. So you probably ask yourself, is a gun really necessary when TSHTF? Will it truly make a difference?

    Having gone through a shtf scenario myself, total economical collapse in the year 2001, and still dealing with the consequences, 5 years later, I feel I can answer that question.

    YES, you need a gun, pepper spray, a machete, a battle axe, club with a rusty nail sticking out of it, or whatever weapon you can get hold of.
    A LOT has been written on survival weapons. Everyone that is into armed survival has his or her own idea of the ideal gun battery. Some more oriented to a hunting point of view, others only as self defense means and others consider a little of both, and look for general purpose weapons.

    Talking about guns, there is one special subject I want to rectify, and it's the point on what's the primary weapon for the survivalist, specially a urban survivalist that has to function in a society, yes, even after the SHTF.

    People, if you are interested in real world SHTF situation, and you want to prepared for the real deal, then understand that this isn't black or white.

    You wake up one day and listen on the radio that the economy collapsed and that the stock market closed indefinitely.
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    hmmm... saving this for later...

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    LONG READ, and FWIW it has been posted here before, but it is a good one and well worth reading.

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    Ferfal has edited his writings into a book, Amazon has it.

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    Wow I found a great quote in there "firearms instructor?... probably the kind of guy that will say that a handgun is only used to fight his way to his rifle... and his facial night cream..."

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    Wow long read. Very interesting
    Debt is normal be weird!!!

    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.-Benjamin Franklin

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    Long read, but once you start, you won't stop. Lots of good advice and ideas in here. Really makes you think.

    Good post.

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    I think the most important part is it makes us realize a SHTF scenario may not be 2 months of terror where everyone can try out their cool rifles and OC all day long to scare bad guys away.

    It COULD be years and years if not decades of just a complete downfall of the country.

    Actually, what's sad in his case is that, as he explains, it was much worse. His teacher let them in on a little "secret" they weren't seeing.

    It wasn't a matter of a bad or rough spell for the country. What it was was the country falling down the ladder into the status of a true 3rd world country with a government that would prevent what would normally revive an economy, the middle class, from getting back up and on their feet.

    It's like the country wouldn't be walking again. Not like it's feet were broken and they'd need time to heal- its as if it's legs had been cut off and it were a completely different country altogether. No amount of work or physical therapy will get it up and on it's feet again, let alone walking or winning races.

    Are they not a NATO ally? Are we or the UN aiding the country at all?

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    I thought this was good:
    Don't prepare for an idiot shooting a Raven at you 200 yards away, prepare for the sneaky son of a gun that waits until you are distracted, fed the dogs some nice pills, and gets to you when you less expect him. THAT is much more likely than someone attacking you 200 yards away.
    I'm as alert as I can be, all day long, and all night. Thanks to that I kept my family and myself safe, while everyone else I know has at least been involved in one or more violent crimes. I'm so winded up that the slightest sound will make jump out of bed at night and have my pistol ready even before I'm conscious of what I'm doing.

    My house is the only one in the block that has not been broken into, my wife and son are safe, safer than all the other stupid sheep that blame God for whatever happens to them, and do nothing to prevent it themselves.

    But still, you have to live your life, go to work, go to the supermarket... live a life! do everyday stuff.

    The stress of living that way will be the end of you, I'm 26 years old and already have problems related to high stress like high blood pressure, migraines, insomnia, etc.
    I'm surrounded by a lot of women in this department. And that includes the men.
    ~ Ron Swanson

    Sarcasm will not be colored purple. Just like in real life, you will have to figure it out on your own.

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    I read it last winter and it is a real eye opener. Hard to believe that food will become expensive in the USA, but you never know.


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