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View Poll Results: SHTF rifle sights

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  • Iron sights

    29 38.67%
  • 1x Red Dot sight

    18 24.00%
  • 1-4x LPVO

    19 25.33%
  • >4x telescope

    2 2.67%
  • something besides the above choices

    7 9.33%
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Thread: your rifle sights for SHTF

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    Plinker ar15_dude's Avatar

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    your rifle sights for SHTF

    The waiting is over, zombie apocalypse / TEOTWAWKI / WROL / SHTF has happened.
    Situation requires that you keep your (one) rifle/carbine with you at all times: at home, in the vehicle, while conducting "missions", throughout your Area of Operations.
    All the other rifles you own were lost / stolen, you just have your "primary".
    In fact, you've had to "deploy" your rifle/carbine 5-6 times with extreme prejudice in the last two months.

    What sight / optic are you running on your end-of-world rifle?
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    Grandmaster MCgrease08's Avatar

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    Right now it's red dot with plastic Magpul MBUIS sites as a back up.

    I just added the red dot recently after going open sites only (can't even call them iron sights). I like the red dot OK, but I'm toying with the idea of getting a 1x4 LPVO, particularly the Nightforce NXS 1x4. I'm having a tough time with the idea of adding an optic that's worth more than the rifle itself.
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    Grandmaster Cameramonkey's Avatar

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    I chose irons because thats what is on my HD AR. No batteries, no fuss, no muss. And if it IS truly TEOTW who knows if I'll be able to find more CR2032 batteries.

    If I could find the cheap Chinese knockoffs of the G&G 45 degree offset irons again on ebay I would buy them for that rifle and put another Primary Arms RDS on it. I'm not paying G&G well over $140 for such simple sights. (fully fixed, no adjustments. Just a rear peep and a front post in a shroud)

    Several years ago I found a guy selling them from China for $20 and they are awesome.
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    Plinker three50seven's Avatar

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    Ideally, a quality red dot or low-power scope backed up with folding irons. No matter how much you spend on an optic, technology will eventually fail.

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    User Unknown

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    A guy can do worse than a set of solid steel military irons.

    Having said that, the A1 sight in a forged upper is remarkably durable and combat accurate.

    A2 is fine, but despite the sacrilege of ME saying so, it does have more to break and damage.

    I would want a tritium front post with either one.

    Still don’t think the AR is the RIFLE you’d want though.

    An AK, with upgraded sights (tritium) would be pretty gd handy, and more multifunctional.
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    Marksman chevyguy's Avatar

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    Daniel Defense fixed back up sights. These are rugged, though they do not flip up or fold down. Bumping them is not an issue especially good as for me optics are a bit pricey.
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    Marksman chevyguy's Avatar

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    Speaking of sights how does one add a front tritium sight to a Remington bead sight barrel?
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    Le mot juste 2A_Tom's Avatar

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    My carbine, Marlin Camp 45 has Iron sights and I will fall back on them when my Vortex Spark 1x red dot fails.


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    I picked LPVO 1-4 its the closest to what I'd really use a Razor 1-6 gen2e w/ 45* offset RMR.

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    PATRIOT indyjohn's Avatar

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    Viper 1-4 PST with MBUS if the glass breaks. I don't have to use the illumination on the Viper so batteries are not a factor.

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