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    WATCH: 11 Indiana Cops Detain Entire Bar to Conduct Background Checks on Patrons

    So, 11 Michigan City cops walk into a bar... Do these people (cops) not have any conscience at all? Some backbone? Some steel spheres between the thighs? A BASIC of knowledge of history? You know, NAZI's and Commies? What the actual HELL?
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    2006 Mustang for Sale

    Quote Originally Posted by churchmouse View Post
    Get outta my damn yard.......
    Quote Originally Posted by db1959 View Post
    The wind likes to blow my balls around.
    I will not give, not one more inch. No more compromise. From my cold dead hands.

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    I don't know what to tell you. We raise each generation to be more selfish, and teach them less about liberty and why the US is exceptional in that regard. This is the result of decades of dumbing down people and turning them into subjects.

    People want more and more government, from Republicans and Democrats, well this is what more government looks like.

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    Can you say lawsuit? I know I'd be filing one!

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    Am I being detained?

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    The entire group of patrons needs to band together and cash in. Hopefully a local will chime in...
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    NO! I will not show you my ID. This is America, not the USSR or Nazi Germany.

    Please tell me what your Reasonable Articulable Suspicion is. No, then I refuse to give you my ID.

    Am I being detained?

    Am I under arrest?

    Do you have a warrant?

    I am calling my lawyer.

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    Waiting for the Paul Harvey moment on this one. Serious problems here otherwise.
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    Yeah, cops have plenty to do without creating an up against the wall redneck mother moment.
    There's a story behind the story one way or the other.

    So, who is it that wants to put a condo there!!!

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    Its a city ruled by demon-crats, sadly I live in this arm pit of Indiana.
    So much wrong with this city that it would take a book to expound on it all.

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