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    Quote Originally Posted by Trigger Time View Post
    President George W. Bush is a good man and he was the best leader and the right leader at the time. I believe in fate and destiny. Things happen for a reason. I've seen it too many times in my life to discount it. I also know fully well how our country's response to incidents like this work both then and now and the President taking the 10 extra minutes to compose himself and stay calm and with those kids did more good for our country and also threw up a bigger middle finger to our enemy who perpetrated those cowardly acts than it would have if he would have jumped up and ran out of the room.

    Him being on the phone ten minutes earlier would have not changed anything.
    It's not like first responders in NYC were waiting for the president to call before they could start doing their job.

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    He held the country together until the Democrats and the Media convinced the low information voters that we were in a recession (even though the numbers said we were not).

    The mantra was we may not be in a recession but it sure feels like we are (as people walked out of big box stores with big screen TVs)

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2A_Tom View Post
    ATM, Calling ATM!
    A rather brilliant mathematician / economic analyst made an open presentation to the Russian Duma (national congress), told about why the attack was coming, by who and by analysis gave the most likely time of the attack as late August. Missed it by a week or so. Not bad.
    I was very fortunate to later listen in live to an interview of the analyst with an interpreter, fortunate as it gives me lots to think about on how this ol' world really works.
    If that bothers you, well, you best go fuss at the Russians.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sylvain View Post
    I just watched that presidential address for the first time today since I couldn't understand English 18 years ago ...

    I'm sure many of you remember watching it live on TV at the time.

    I sat on the edge of my chair watching it last night.
    This video stated that the chase jets were arms with missile and guns.
    That was not stated in the news during that event.
    The news reported that all the aircraft were unarmed.
    They did not have time to arm any of them.
    They were told to get in the air.

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    Such a terrifying tragedy that should be remembered forever. It's an example of violence and cruelty. So much innocent people....Nowadays the most important that the government can do is help those families as much as possible that they will never be in need of anything. Especially families that lost their providers and children who lost their fathers. Now mothers should think about everything by their-own, how to feed them, how to dress them, how pay for their education or enter them to the universities. I do not know how they even cope with it, but
    can at least make easier entering the university all over the world even in Australia. And of course, I hope it will never happen again.
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    Remember the victims, remember the cover up, demand accountability for all the lies and deception.

    More folks are pulling their heads out of the sand each year and calling BS on the old official narratives and theories we were handed, and that's a good thing.

    Never forget.

    Say no to drugs. Say yes to bacon!

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