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    InI'mn my experience, they are much like Botach. Problems with their website stock count and difficulty in getting your money back. I will never Buy from them again.
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    Always one of the first places I "go" when shopping for something.
    Never had an issue with dozens of purchases.
    I did experience the out of stock thing. Was offered a better scope at $200.00 less than available anywhere else. Score.
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    I put it this way, for those who have never had a bad experience, you're lucky. Yeah, you might have a good experience dealing with them, but obviously they have screwed over others. Sure, any vendor can have the occasional screw up, but OP seems to have done so time and again for many people. If you're comfortable taking a chance and rolling the dice every time you order from them, that's fine. Myself, I'd rather spend money with vendors who are more reputable.

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    So just a little update. My buddy at work ordered from them a couple months ago and he wanted the package shipped to our work address. He said they made a small charge on his credit card and he had to verify the amount in order to use that address which was different from his credit card mailing address. I am not sure about all of that since it was his deal and not mine but he is not a liar either so. As far as mine I have mixed feelings but very unlikely that I would order from again. I placed my order for a red dot with 2 day free express shipping. I ordered on Sunday. I got an email from Fedex saying Wed, then got another email saying Thurs, not a big deal. I logged onto the Fedex app and tried to switch my order to be held at the local Fedex hold location, which should not have been a big deal and have done it many times before with other companies. This way my stuff is not sitting outside for hours. The website would not allow me to hold it at another location and said to contact the shipper. I called and actual had a okay experience with the guy on the phone but he said there would be a hold charge and would try to get it waved. Longer story short he said he could hold it at the place I asked him to. I got a phone call back saying it could be held 9miles away at another location. It was available for me to pick up on Thursday at the hold location but it was just a huge pain to save $30 bucks. I could have just stopped at Basspro and picked it up. Thats what I get for trying to save a buck.

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    I've order items from Dvor a few times, only one time was the order cancelled. The item was never charged so no issue with a refund or need to talk with CS.

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    I've ordered quite a few things from Optics Planet over the years. I always use the chat function so a live person pretty much verifies if something is in stock and then I try to get a bigger discount on whatever it is. So far I haven't been screwed, but I do try to avoid them if possible due to all the negative experiences with them.
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    Well i just placed a small order with them for a few strike industries blue line parts for an Ar build for my daughter. I always make sure that it says in stock along with how many they have in stock. As long as there's 10 or more i will place an order with them. I too, use them as little as possible, but it saved me quite a bit along with a coupon code and free shipping the prices couldnt be beat anywhere else.
    I've had decent luck in recent history by making sure there is what i would deem plenty(10 or more) showing in stock

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    I am one of the ones to have had good experiences with them. When I did not pay attention and check availability, they always cancelled my order right away when requested. Any returns were always prompt as well. The one gripe I do have is holding the entire order while waiting on an out of stock item. I have called them and they went ahead and shipped the in stock item, but that, to me, should be SOP. I now am diligent about checking the availability of an item before I order it. That seems to be the key to having a good experience with them.
    As usual, YMMV.
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    I've purchased some items from Optics Planet and never had any issues. But now I'll be cautious. Sometimes I use OP, sometimes Midway, sometimes, Brownell's, just depends who has what I'm looking for, and price.
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    I had the out-of-stock issue last year too. Ordered a stripped upper that showed available, found out it was out of stock, and waited for 3 weeks before I canceled it and bought it from midway.

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