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    Anyone else dislike Optic Planet

    What is going on with this company. My buddy at work had a problem getting a scope sent to our work address and now I can't even get them to hold a package at a Fedex hold location. I gave them a location to hold it at and they said they would wave the $15 fee, who charges that in the first place. Then they called me back to ask if I would let them hold it at another spot 9 miles away, I said sure. Now this morning I see it is being held 30 miles away and won't be there till Friday. Calling them this morning to just tell them to keep it and I will spent the extra $40 at basspro and just pick it up today. I have heard about bad customer service but creed got in the way and I couldn't help but order from them. Meh, never again.

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    I stopped ordering from them about a year ago. The tradeoff between decent deals and the other BS wasn't worth it anymore.
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    They played a game with me as well when I ordered a shroud for my Romeo 1 RDS calling it "In Stock" when I ordered it, but then taking 8 weeks to ship it because it was not in stock. Don't really trust them.

    Nowadays, it is all about Customer Service in my mind.

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    I've found Midway to offer a comparable line of products (well, more actually) at comparable prices. They also offer cheaper shipping every few weeks.
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    I agree about the customer service. I have honestly never had a good experience at Basspro either but I guess I don't really expect them to be experts either. I also agree with it not being worth the headache of sitting on hold and the back and forth, so much for 2 day express shipping, lol. Okay I just wanted to make sure I wasn't being a ( Richard ) as I can sometimes be. Seems like others have the same problem with them.

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    I still care....Really
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    Stopped using them over a year ago. They are deceptive at best.
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    They played there game once. I canceled the order and purchased from Midway for $10.00 more delivered in three days.

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    Natchez Shooting Sports frequently has better pricing on optics with none of the hassle so I don't bother with Optics Planet.

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    Good to know this. I haven't ordered from them in a couple years but they were good to go back then. I'm not really buying much of anything these days but I am looking for a holster. I'll be sure to look elsewhere.

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    I've made several purchases from them over the years, mostly thru Ebay, and never a problem. Will watch this thread for further feedback. Maybe something has changed?


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