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    My lgs in Winchester has plenty of inventory. If you have a kidney to sell....
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    Ive also seen empty or darn near display cases in most LGS. Some dealers are buying up used Handguns, putting in cases, and gone in 24-48 hours. Fast turnover. Used market is happening, but ammo is the real hurt. Shelves really empty, some in and some out, but if you arent there at the right time.... nada.

    I learned from Pres Obummer years that stocking up is the secret. I bought up 12ga shotguns, ammo, both buckshot and birdshot, and when things got better, 22lr for plinking. Saw 550 paks going for $90! No way! waited till sun shined, Obummer gone, miracle occured! 550 paks then $35! Bought plenty to last. Handgun ammo, also cheaper, stocked plenty.

    So, in conclusion, early bird gets worm. 10- 50 cal ammo cans full, mixed but all full. cases of 12 SG shells, spare mags for all(thinking i have 15- 1911 mags all loaded with 230 gr ball, numerous 15 rd and even 20 rd Sig Sauer/Glock, and speedloaders fully filled if needed for revolvers) Wifey signed up for a handgun course, to go with her new LTCH, and asked if we had a box of 38Spec target ammo? Pulled out ammo can with 38Sp letters and said pick this up! She barely budged it and laughed! Yep we are covered!

    I'm sure many of you are prepped till elections pass. I sure hope we can hold the the line for defensive and sport shooting sports amid these tough times. If you are seriously looking to buy firearms now, you are so behind the curve of demand. I also read that Brazil just received a bumper crop of Glock handguns to the tune of $$$millions. Is Taurus gone from there?

    Good luck, aim small-miss small. Enjoy your sports!
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    Well I just drove 45 mins to get small pistol primers but did get them cheaper than from store, so i would say panic has hit but more on ammo and supplies than guns from my observations

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    Marshall county has plenty of guns but not ammo. They had a few boxes of 9mm left at $20 a piece

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    An unprecedented run on guns — partly due to Covid-19 — is so strong, that Sturm Ruger and Company can’t produce them fast enough, again partly due to Covid-19.

    “The incredible surge in demand outstripped our production capacity, ” said CEO Christopher Killoy, in an earnings call on Thursday. In his 30 years in the industry, “This is probably the strongest level of demand that I’ve seen,” including the surge preceding the assault weapons ban.
    The demand surge didn’t lead to a hiring surge. Indeed, the company suspended hiring from March until June – and even gave employees a couple of staggered weeks off – as it tried to figure out how to step up production while maintaining the sanitation, social distancing, protective equipment and health protocols needed to prevent an outbreak that could bring an entire facility to a standstill. Those precautions cost the company about $3 million, through reductions in traveling and trade shows offset that by a $1 million. Since then, the company has hired 50 employees bringing the total to 1,600 between it’s three facilities.

    It also meant that production simply couldn’t keep up with the demand. Indeed, in the first quarter, production actually was off slightly, and while in the second quarter the number of units produced went up by a quarter – the orders nearly tripled. The backlog of 767,000 guns at the end of the quarter, is six times than it was the year before. The inventory – some 97,000 guns – was down from 388,000 from a year ago, and less than half the 224,000 at the beginning of the quarter.
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    Went into Cabela's to pick up my Tikka TK1 and they had (emphasis, past tense ) an H&K VP9SK with 3 mags.

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    I've been surprised at how much old guns have gone up on GB. I can understand panic buying on hi cap modern stuff as that's what the lefties scream about all the time, but SAAs and Winchesters?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Leadeye View Post
    I've been surprised at how much old guns have gone up on GB. I can understand panic buying on hi cap modern stuff as that's what the lefties scream about all the time, but SAAs and Winchesters?
    It's because you keep showing pics of your collection. You've single-handedly increased demand Leadeye!

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    Local Academy Sports in Evansville has empty ammo shelves except for .243, .22 birdshot and some shotgun shells. Rifle racks had precisely one AR, and some bolties, no self-defense shotties. Hand gun cases were 3/4 empty although some Springfield and Smith and Wesson 9mm autos were available, along with some .22 pistols.

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    My recent experience around Indianapolis area is Rural King and KSE still have decent options if you are a first time handgun buyer. Of course ammo is a problem about anywhere. I have made some purchases at palmetto state armory for ammo but you need to check it regularly. It's like concert tickets, sold out in minutes.

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