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    Hookeye, have you tried hunting with something thatís deliberately a handicap? Thatís my plan for next year: exclusively using a Ruger Redhawk in 44 mag to make it interesting!
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    Freedom is dangerous and I prefer it that way.

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    Have shot some small 8 pointers w Colt Python, Smith 629, Ruger SuperRedhawk and 3 screw Superblackhawk.
    I bowhunt with Blackwidow recurve. Shot some small bucks and does elsewhere over the years, nothing of size....biggest a 100" net 8 pt, but hey, I shot him on the move

    My hunting spot nowadays is small. Can't make a day of stillhunting like on my old spot.
    Can't manage it either.
    Never know if anything will come around, let alone something decent.

    Been some bad yrs out in maybe see two fawns all season.
    Bottom line- at least for me- I can't kill em from the couch LOL

    I like being out there, and suffer through allergies and cold.
    But with a buck tag in my pocket I am driven, have a purpose.
    Once that's filled............I feel empty.

    Really don't have the heart to shoot a doe w gun anymore. Have taken one since '99.
    That to test a new to me cartridge. Really don't have the numbers to justify another.
    Meat is better though.

    Buddy says lets go button buck hunting. And he said video it w Contender pistol.
    So that's the plan from here out.
    I suppose I could zip one w recurve on vid.
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    I saw 9 doe this morning. No bucks today. Some light chasing a couple days ago. I think it should be a great weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Restroyer View Post
    Exactly, very well said. Not everyone hunts in a bean field. Our terrain is rough and hilly and properties are narrow. Some of the neighbors won't give permission to retrieve the deer so we shoot to drop them. The front shoulder shots lose a little meat but not a significant amount.
    Agreed, better to lose a little meat than the whole deer.

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    What's the limit in Howard county? I hunt coyotes at a property, and the farmer who owns the property asked me to get rid of them.

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    Killed a wide 12 in Ripley Co. opening evening.Unfotunetely my picture posting abilities suck.

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    Tonight was the first time I have seen rut activity, besides the young bucks running does. Saw 4 different bucks, 3 of them with does. One was 140"+, but unfortunately he was on the neighboring property.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rookie View Post
    What's the limit in Howard county? I hunt coyotes at a property, and the farmer who owns the property asked me to get rid of them.
    Basically Your allowed 1 buck and two anterless but your breaking the law if you shoot them at night. The landowner needs to apply for depredation tags for you to legally hunt the deer without spending money on a license. He can kill all the deer he wants on landowner permits but they need to be checked in to be legal. if you use his landowner permits, again your breaking the law. It's up to you but but careful, The CO's today are "cops" and you could loose your equipment, hunting privileges etc.

    NRA Endowment Member---FFL since 1980---Wildlife Biologist by Degree---Purdue 1971

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    Quote Originally Posted by roscott View Post
    Great job everyone! I dropped the biggest buck Iíve ever seen Saturday evening.

    Very nice buck

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    Leaving fri afternoon. Taking my 14 year old daughter. She's trying to get her 2nd deer. Taking my nephew, hes bringing his 5 year old daughter. were all sitting in 2 double ladder stands I have up. Hopefully the farm is active for the kids

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