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    Archery (could fill both w antlerless).....bonus county (think most places a 2 this yr).......and MZ tag is either sex if not bucked out prior.

    Thats five possible a gun buck ( total of 6 ) with no urban or special hunts.

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    Got a bow and bonus tag still. Might try to fill one Sat.

    If I do, the other will be left unfilled. Only need two deer in my freezer
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    Quote Originally Posted by phatgemi View Post
    How do you get four?????
    My buck opening gun. 2 does at state park. 1 doe muzzleloader checked as bonus for that county. I'm not done yet. I have atterbury this weekend, muscatatuck next weekend. I could get 100+ deer, if I took every doe quota in every county. I dont just sit in 1 stand. I dont sit in just 1 county. I am in the woods about 30 days in archery, shotgun. And muzzleloader season. I always fill my freezer. And the next 2 hunts I'm allowed 2 deer each, 1 can be antlered. That means 2 more bucks or 4 more does

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    curiosity killed the cat

    I was quesioned how I have taken 4 deer this season. 1 buck opening day of gun. 2 does at a park hunt. 1 doe muzzleloader checked in as bonus county. I added it all up. If I wanted to use ALL of my antlerless bonus county tags, that would be a lot of traveling and trying to find a place to hunt in every county. I could take 89 does. I added all the counties up, so actually legally I could take 90 total, counting my 1 buck per year. And that is not counting any draw hunts, or urban deer too..
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    I hunt multiple counties too. It's wild to think how many a guy can kill. I'm done with deer, freezer is full and I'm sick of butchering. Time to follow the squirrel dog around and snipe with my 7 yr. Old hunting buddy. Tree rats and coyote from here on for me. Good luck to the smoke polers and late archery die hards.
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    Kudos to you for hunting multiple counties... Im not alone

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    I can hunt 4 counties.
    But am lazy w a deer in the freezer.
    Sticking closer to home, if I get back out.

    Rather heal up and then yote hunt.

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    Got my 8 pointer on the family farm with my Sauer 3006 a few weeks ago... I've been eating bacon wrapped fillets, fried steaks, deer & rice, deer & noodles, and deer chili... And I still have 3 quarters in the freezer. I've finished the first one though, seems like time to let another one thaw.

    If I had filled my doe tag I would be stocked up.

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    Yup, need two.
    Only have one (burger fest, donated that portion to a food pantry).
    Slept in today...............mattress stuck to my back.
    Maybe tomorrow.

    Taxi called. Euro done. Picked it up.
    LOL.....seems smaller, but looks great. Thick but not good score.
    He's thick but not wide or tall. Doubt he'd have made P&Y if unbroken.
    Oh well, meat is decent.

    Weather slamming me and shorty, both feel it comin on hard.
    Proly be worthless tomorrow.
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    Not seeing much at all, cameras or otherwise.

    Where's the Kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth shattering Kaboom.

    Marvin the Martian

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