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    Thoughts on capacity

    Over the last couple of years, Iíve found that my desire to carry higher capacity guns has diminished a lot. I used to sometimes carry a compact 15+1 gun and a pair of spare mags when out and about. Lately, Iíll most likely be found with much less. Iím not trying to convince anyone to carry less ammo, but am more interested in what this body of shooters thinks and what they see as their own minimum.

    My thinking lately is that a Glock 30 with 10+1 rounds of .45 should get me out of anything Iím likely to step in. I will admit though, when heading into the city, there is still a spare mag on my hip.

    What drives your choice in carry capacity and spares?
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    While working in an office environment, l carried a S&W J-frame 5 shot revolver in strong hand front pocket with a speed strip in opposite pocket. I would have preferred more rounds in the pistol. Something is better than nothing. Now that I am retired, I carry a semi-automatic IWB with minimum 10 rounds and a spare magazine on my hip. Untucked polo shirts work well for me.

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    I found that the length of grip matters more than the raw capacity for me. As such I have came across an inadvertent 8 rounds of 9mm minimum. That is what I'm about to carry for the jog that I'm delaying by writing this reply instead of tying on my running shoes. (Taran Tactical +2 baseplate in a Glock 43 gets me to 9 rounds total, carried in my 3speed holster)

    To elaborate: In my own training, I've found an 8 round single stack magazine in 9mm is the smallest surface area I can get a good firing grip on with tired, sweaty hands. Shot placement is more important than raw capacity for me, so the length of the grip is actually the more important factor for me. That length of grip happens to be 8 rounds in a single stack 9mm, or also 10 rounds in my Sig P365 with pinky extension mag, but I trust my G43 more.
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    Glock 36 is my EDC here, only 6 rounds per magazine, so I carry at least one, if not two spares. Especially now. Part of me wishes I had gone with a Glock 30s just for the extra capacity now. The 30 is a chunky little sucker, but never have had a chance to hold and compare my 36 to a 30s.

    Then again, .45 is the Lord's caliber... shooting twice is silly
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    "Quantity has a quality all it's own".
    Dormant U.S.Marine/ NRA Benefactor-Life

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    10+1 of 9mm in the the EDC
    12 in the spare mag.

    The mag comes with me depending on the method of carry.

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    More is almost always better in terms of ammo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rhino View Post
    More is almost always better in terms of ammo.
    Amen brother.
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    What fits me and what I shoot well dictates what I carry (Glock 19C) more than the caliber or number of rounds. It's normal for me to have a spare mag, not because I think I'll need more than 15 rounds but because mags are the heart of your pistol. Every malfunction I've had while competing has been mag or ammo related so in my mind a spare mag equals increased reliability.

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    I have read that the internet experts have a Rule of 3 (most shootings involve 3 shots at 3 yards in 3 seconds). So you only need to carry three rounds. I have no idea where that comes from but have seen it referenced many times.

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