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    I've always liked Bianchi but recently I've been carrying my Shield in an IWB DeSantis and I can almost forget it's there.

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    I have to work in shelbyville tomorrow and there is a place there called bobcat arms or somethin like that. Gonna check out what they have if they are open. So far its coming down to the hand made ones having the best reviews. They are also most expensive and longest to receive. Yall have shown me some nice ones.

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    Kramer horsehide OWB scabbard is my go-to holster. Horsehide is hard molded like Kydex but being a form of leather, is still easy on the gun. They ride nice and tight against my side and have a near perfect level of retention. Not enough to make me fight to get it out of the holster, yet enough that I can do jumping jacks without any concern for losing the gun.

    They are pricey but not over the top pricey. They also take 8 to 10 weeks for delivery.
    88 (aka The mad scientist)

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    Sticky or a serpa
    I wont be wronged, I wont be insulted, and I wont be laid a hand on.

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    I have two holster makers to recommend highly:
    1. Ken Null K.L. Null Holsters Home Page He is not just a craftsman, he is an artist. He recently replaced a Velcro strap on an ankle holster he made for me in the 1980s when I was a cop, and it is now good as new. No straps on any of his rigs; the fit is incredible, and I'm sure any of his designs can be passed on to your grandchildren.
    2. Vince Harper just made a GREAT Kydex belt slide holster for my Glock 19 with TLR-1. He is one of the range instructors for IMPD, and best way to reach him is by text: 317-625-3091

    Will be posting photos of these this weekend....

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    Most of my leather is El Paso Saddlery. Been around since the 1880's and made rigs for John Wesley Hardin and George Patton (the ones for his Colt SAA and Smith registered magnum).

    But of course I'm an Old Dawg.

    "Don't let your mouth write no checks that your ass can't cash" - old ghetto saying

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