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    I Iíve seen the whole video now. Highly disturbing. I canít come up with any words to describe what I just saw except this person isnít human; heís an animal and needs to be put down like the rabid varmint he is.

    We need to stand strong as a nation and not let this event (and the ones we know are forthcoming) divide us. This is what the shooter wants and we cannot allow it to happen.
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    Holy ****, I inadvertently ran across the video on Instagram and I honestly had no idea it was real at first (thought it was some airsoft thing as the video I saw had no sound). Yep have a gun literally everywhere full stop end of story , that was a slaughter
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    Dude, from what I can tell from your photos, you don't do anything bargin bin.

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    It looked like video playback from a first person shooter game. One of the most savage things Iíve ever seen.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AOC
    At 1st I thought of saying, ďImagine being told your house of faith isnít safe anymore.Ē

    But I couldnít say ďimagine.Ē

    Because of Charleston.
    Sutherland Springs.

    What good are your thoughts & prayers when they donít even keep the pews safe?
    Good on you, AOC... mock the peaceful people praying.

    She later walked this back slightly and threw the NRA in for some reason.
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    Currently the number is 49 dead, 20 injured.

    Today looks like it's going as expected, the lazy journalists and activists are cherry-picking details to place blame on their ideological "enemies", doing exactly what the shooter wanted them to do.
    I laughed and shook his hand, and made my way back home

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    The real thing isn't like the movies. As "normal" people see videos like this maybe you can start to see why a lot of combat veterans come back and want to be prepared, even though they are mocked. Real gunfights are brutal, fast, unforgiving, not scripted. This was a terrorist picking off innocent civilians because they had no way to defend themselves. The evil is in the world. The maniacs and terrorists are on ALL sides. Everyone should have a way to defend themselves against this kind of terror.
    This kind of violence is coming to a town near you im sure of it. The violence in the world is heating up. Be ready. Get trained. Simply having a gun is not enough, you will die without training.
    Im staying focused on America. Sure its sad when innocent people are killed, but i will not let some terrorist from another country affect mine.
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    Didn't know the N in NRA stood for New Zealand.

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    I was watching CNN this morning and it is all Trump's fault. Could have seen that coming a mile away.

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    I carry a pistol in church every Sunday. I assume that is what AOC is advocating?

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    Watched it.
    Too bad somebody didn't have a gun and shoot the jerk.
    That's about my only take away from it.

    After watching the WTC fall, lesser toll videos just don't have the shock effect.

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